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need a moan

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sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 31-Oct-12 09:33:55

Bleurgh, I am so tired. Last night both DDs went to bed at 730, DD2 (3 months) straight to sleep, DD1(3yrs) asleep by 815 after a bit of disturbance because she suddenly needed a poo. So far so good. Went to bed myself at 10. DH managed to wake the baby packing his bag for today (god only knows why he couldn't have done it before she went to bed but anyway...) she slept a bit then woke for a feed at 11, then a feed at 2, then 415 she snuggled for a sidelying feed and we dozed off til 520 when DD1 started bellowing the house down, she came in bed with me, DH got up at 0530. I dozed off. 550 DH wakes me to asks me to hold the front gate open for him to get the trailer our (don't ask) get back into bed, DD1 wide awake and wriggling. Spend an hour with her kicking me and being threatened to go in her own bed, finally put her in own bed at 645 where she screamed howled and yelled (waking DD2 in the process) til 705 when I gave in and got up. DD1 then demanded a drink of milk which I gave her (but only a v small one) then she only ate about half her breakfast because she was full of milk (having promised me she would eat breakfast and me stressing as breakfast is pretty much the only meal she ever eats)

Arrrrrgh. Suppose it is better than yesterday when DD1 lay on the floor and had a tantrum in the local shop at 0745 where we'd had to go to buy milk for breakfast because DH had used up all the milk for his breakfast.

arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Have had coffee, DD1 watching cbeebies and DD2 having nap. When they are teenagers I have lots of plans involving waking them and demanding coffee and a cooked breakfast grin

sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 31-Oct-12 21:40:34

really, does no one care at all? sad DD1 has just woken up screaming (presumably from a nightmare) and in the process woke up DD2. DD1 now watching grand designs on the sofa and scuppering my chances of an early night

MrsNPattz Wed 31-Oct-12 21:53:46

You poor thing - I struggle with one never mind two! Does hubby help? Hope so! And hope you have a better night smile

Heavensmells Wed 31-Oct-12 21:58:29

Wishing you a much better nights sleep tonight.
Weekend is close, have a long lie in if possible and ask you dh to get up with the dd's.
Could you ask him to try and be more considerate in the mornings and with packing his bag in the evening?

blushingmare Sat 03-Nov-12 05:21:15

Just seen this and sending you my sympathy [flowers]. DHs can be really crap at times can't they?! Mine is just the same with not thinking about thing that will wake the baby. He thinks we shouldn't be creeping round her because she needs to get used to sleeping with noise. Easy for him to say with his 8 hours sleep a night and time spent with dd being play and cuddles instead of endless rocking and ssshing!!

You're doing an amazing job looking after two LOs - I struggle enough with one. And just remember we all have crap days/weeks/months - I've had one this week too! But keep thinking it won't be like this forever.

Hope you get some rest over the weekend.

blushingmare Sat 03-Nov-12 05:23:53

Oh and get your DH to get a bit of rope to hold the gate [hgrin] !!

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