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ExhaustTed Wed 31-Oct-12 06:18:30

I'm pretty sleep deprived due to a tag team of sleep theives (a 7 month old bad sleeper, but good napper, and 2 early rising, full on toddler boys) and whilst we are gently tackle the causes, I wondered what tips you lovely people might have to coping with very little sleep yet still needing to function. bucket load of caffeine

BeaWheesht Wed 31-Oct-12 06:22:16

Try and go to bed vvv early 2/3 nights a week.

Eat healthily.

Get fresh air.

Just give in to it - ie I spent a lot of energy thinking about how shit it all was, nowadays I just accept that I'm going to be knackered but it's been 6 years so am bound to be used to it

ExhaustTed Wed 31-Oct-12 07:20:06

Good advice, very early night tonight I think.

Does chocolate count as healthy?

ElphabaTheGreen Wed 31-Oct-12 09:22:25

Several years of chronic insomnia prepared me brilliantly for the world's shittest sleeper my DS.

Yes to caffeine, although I am consciously limiting that due to BFing <distraught emoticon>

My best coping strategy is to always have a shower and get dressed - none of these dressing gown days that mums of babies seem to like to have. I just find it a slippery slope. My midwife expressed shock when I answered the door in clothes the day after I came home from hospital, despite being up all night with DS. Getting myself sorted always makes me feel perkier and better able to cope with everything.


Stay cheerful and don't rub in to others how little sleep you've had (unless it's Mumsnet smile). Yes, I want to beat DH about the head when he complains of tiredness after eight hours of unbroken sleep, but it's all relative and will just breed ill-feeling if you turn it into a fatigue competition.

Keeping busy is another one I've always used. I'm always told I'm running myself ragged, but I would rather be ragged and busy, rather than ragged with chores piling up around me, dwelling on what a ludicrously small amount of sleep I've had.

Get your naff jobs done first, leaving the pleasurable ones (like baby entertaining) until last. Thinking about how many crappy jobs you've got ahead of you while you're doing something nice is soul- and energy-destroying.

But above all, remember this: biscuits are usually the answer to everything grinbiscuitbiscuitbiscuit

Luckyxstar Wed 31-Oct-12 10:39:31

Excellent advice ElphabaTheGreen.
Everything you have said there is so true. The key is try not to dwell on things and just carry on. It does get better and you do forget how crap it was.

Get up and dressed every day - and if at all possible have a shower

Get outside everyday, just a walk to the end of the road and back will give you both a break

Limit caffeine <- yes really

Eat good meals, plenty of lean protein and consider a multivitamin

Try to meet up with others in similar situations

2-3 nights a week go on baby time, go to bed with smallest

Re chores, I didn't because of the housing situation we were in when DC1 was born but I think keeping a grip on minimum cleaning, washing and washing up helps

And encourage people to come round for a cuppa, ask for help and have 5 minutes without a child attached to you

ExhaustTed Wed 31-Oct-12 20:03:58

good advice, particularly the staying cheerful and not dwelling on it. i don't generally mention how bad it is, just bite my tongue when everyone says how much great sleep they are getting.

babyphat Fri 02-Nov-12 10:24:34

This is brilliant advice I wish I'd read first time round. Dd was world's shittest sleeper and I got through by mainlining coffee and cake. This time round, school run has forced me to be up and out early. Get chores done in morning/early so that after kids are in bed evenings are free to rest/have an early night/watch tv. Have a cut off point after which you won't do chores - force yourself to stop and go to bed. Cooking dinner in daytime is good as also makes witching hour less stressful!

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