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Anyone used Andrea Grace sleep specialist?

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Moomachine Tue 30-Oct-12 14:11:23

Would you recommend her? DD is 6 months and her sleep is just getting worse and worse. She resists naps and will hardly sleep in her cot at all. I also have a 2.10 DS which is not helping as whenever DD is tired or has finally falken asleep I need to do something for him, like take him to nursery. This often wakes her up and that's the end of nap time. But what is really killing me is that she will not stay down at bedtime. She sleeps for 40 mins and then wakes up and needs me to help her back to sleep. I've tried pick up put down, but that doesn't work, and as she's been crawling since she was 5 months she often flips over and just starts crawling around the cot crying. As im breastfeeding she also refuses to settle with DH, sk its all left to me. Poor DS is pretty neglected at the moment and I just need someone to help me get DD's sleeping sorted so we can function again as a family.

Moomachine Tue 30-Oct-12 14:12:31

Sorry for typos, am on the phone and couldn't read the message back!

abadoo Wed 31-Oct-12 08:57:49

There are a few other threads on this, including one that included a visit to Andrea Grace and some really good results. I also have a friend who saw her and said it really worked. I have the book and it worked brilliantly (went from 15 wakes one night to 1-2 in about a week!!!!!). However, a cold and some teething have sent things downhill at the moment, so not quite sure what to do.
Short answer, it may be worth it. Her main thing will probably be to read a book between Bf and bed. It definitely helped us (and he even went back to sleep for DH when I was out on Monday night, result).

Moomachine Wed 31-Oct-12 14:22:34

Thanks for answering, 15 wakings to 1-2 sounds amazing! I'll try and look up the other threads. I did have a quick look before I posted but couldn't see anything.

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