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22 month old refusing to sleep in her cot bed??

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janski31 Mon 29-Oct-12 09:52:01

Hi just looking for some advice really, my 22 month old is refusing naps and bedtime in her her own bed it started last wednesday and its getting worse. She has always been really good at bed time just going straight down at 7 on the dot she is like clock work and sleeps all night. The only thing i can think of is that its her teeth as its always her teeth when her sleep goes to pot. The only thing is she is sleeping in our bed she has never done this before and i am scared she will pick up this as a bad habit. I have left her a few times to cry it out but she gets in a right state so i put her in my bed and she goes straight to sleep. What do you think i should do???? Thanks in advance.

Olympicrock Tue 30-Oct-12 08:04:31

Is it a cot bed? Could you take the sides off, make a big deal that it's a big bed like mummy's?

janski31 Tue 30-Oct-12 19:37:25

Thanks for replying I was debating wether she was ready for her cot to become a bed will give it a whirl! :-)

omama Tue 30-Oct-12 23:25:31

what time are you trying to put her down for her nap? and what time is she eventually falling asleep? How long does she usually nap for? IME crying & resisting naps & bedtime is a typical sign of not being tired enough to go to sleep. So it may be a routine thing i.e. she needs a later nap or later bedtime or both, rather than her wanting to be switched into a big girl bed.

janski31 Wed 31-Oct-12 13:40:41

Am not sure if it is that tbh Omama as today for example she woke at 5 (she normally only wakes between 8-9am) she is exhausted and is still refusing her cotbed it's took me nearly an hour to get her to sleep where she normally just goes out like a light. She always has 2 hours after lunch about 1sh and then bed is always at 7pm. Sometimes she sleeps 15 hours a night but always sleeps 13 or more. So this isn't like her at all :-(

Thanks for your advice x

omama Wed 31-Oct-12 21:21:09

fair enough. She really isn't awake very long before her naptime though if she usually gets up 8-9am & naps at 1pm. At that age my DS was up at 7am & napping at 1pm (also for 2hrs) so awake for 1-2hrs longer before his nap than your DD. I found we had to increase the time awake before his nap because we were getting ridiculous nap & bedtime antics otherwise, and as soon as I did that it all stopped. Of course they are all different & some need more sleep than others & your DD sounds to be at the higher end of sleep needs. If its come on so suddenly it sounds more like she is out of sorts then. Likely teething as you say.

Just bear in mind though as she gets older, she will start to need less sleep & you will likely find her mornings naturally get earlier & her bedtimes get later, OR she will just outright refuse to nap as she's getting her full sleep quota at night. 13-15hrs is pretty huge!xx

janski31 Thu 01-Nov-12 13:25:47

Thanks again Omama how old was your DS when he dropped his daytime nap? And when did you put him in a bed? I was originally thinking about changing her cot to a bed over Xmas as I am off work for 3 weeks and she turns 2 on the 19th dec but then I was also thinking about starting to potty train her! I realise we have been quite lucky up to now with regards to her sleep probably when I have another one it will be the complete opposite smile

omama Thu 01-Nov-12 16:31:27

He hasn't yet! He's 26.5 months & still has a good 2hr sleep in the day! He did do something similar to your dd around that age i.e. resisting naps & BT but after a few weeks it settled down again. He is also still in a cot. I want to switch him soon, because I think he may be ready now, but I think he'll stop napping once he can get out, & the the thought of horrible overtired afternoons, and endless returning him to his bed because he thinks its a game to jump in & out is putting me off! Argh! Like you I want to do it before we potty train but I'm holding off for that for as long as possible too in hopes it will be a smoother transition all round!!!!

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