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I'm being a shit parent. I need dd2 to sleep.

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RillaBlythe Mon 29-Oct-12 09:36:46

Dd2 is 14m & wakes up every 2 hour on a bad night. On a good night she will wake around 11 & around 5, but we hvent had one of those for a while. I am knackered & grumpy & mean to dd1. Not good.

We are away this weekend & next weekend so should I hold off doing something till we are back? & what should I do?! She boobs to sleep but will fall asleep in arms/being patted. She takes milk at night but I don't think she is wakin out of hunger. I don't want to do CC but Dp won't support anything else so it has to be just me.


lorisparkle Mon 29-Oct-12 21:26:44

We did the Gradual Withdrawl / Gradual Retreat method as described in the book 'Teach you Child to Sleep' by the Millpond Clinic. It sounds like you are half way there but need to gradual reduce the contact and milk at night.

Basically on the first few nights we rocked to sleep, next few nights we held him to sleep, then held him in his cot, then we held his hand, then we sat by his bed, then sat in his room then sat outside his room the just left him

In addition I increased times between feeds 15 minutes every couple of days.

I did these at mine and his pace and did it without DH

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