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Moses Basket...too small!!!

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HowDoIGetHimOut Mon 29-Oct-12 07:49:45


I have a 2 week old DS who was 10lbs 6oz when he was born and I would say heavier now, however he is also long and will soon be out of his moses basket. I have him downstairs with me in the day in the basket and then in my bedroom in it in the night. I don't want to have to put him in his nursery cot yet...does anyone know of anything else I can use? Especially for use downstairs....I can always move the cot into my room upstairs.

Thanks xxx

Grumpla Mon 29-Oct-12 07:54:20

My DS was 9lbs 10 and we had a similar problem! I ended up buying a mattress to fit the travel cot as the actual cot wouldn't fit in our room. It had a bassinet level so up nice and high when he was still v young so he could hear me and I could just reach out a hand for him.

NumptyDumty Mon 29-Oct-12 08:06:31

At 8 weeks we didn't think we would get much longer out of our Moses basket because he is also a chunk, however he is still in it coming up to 5 months!

melliebobs Mon 29-Oct-12 08:08:54

Does ur pram have a carrycot u could use?
Or buy a cheap crib if they r going to be in ur room for a while

nancerama Mon 29-Oct-12 08:19:12

I managed to wedge my chunky DS in his Moses basket until he was 16 weeks, but in reality he grew out of it much earlier - we had a tiny bedroom with no room for a travel cot or ordinary cot in its place and I wasn't ready to put him in his own room.

During the day we had a Mamas and Papas ladybird play gym once I got too lazy to hump the Moses basket round the house. It was lovely and cozy and padded, and in reality he spent the majority of the time on my lap or in a sling.

plum100 Mon 29-Oct-12 08:22:10

I had the same problem with my 3rd dd - she cam eout of it after a week - so she just had to sleep upstairs . All mine went into their cots at night time straight away - they were right next to my bed it was lovely/

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 29-Oct-12 09:02:28

We never even bought a Moses basket. DS sleeps in his cot bed in our room and in the carry cot of the pram when downstairs. Easy, money saving and no dramas about moving from one night-sleeping arrangement to another as he gets bigger.

He's looking a bit jammed into his carry cot now, though, as a very tall 5 month old so I think it's soon to be travel cot downstairs instead before I permanently stunt his growth

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