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7.5 month old and naps

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poocatcherchampion Sun 28-Oct-12 21:01:44

Dd sleeps about 12 hours at night from 7-7.30am, but it is very disturbed, light sleep from 6ish.

She goes down well in the day at home, either two or three times,self settling in her cot, but only really sleeps for half an hour at a time. It doesn't seem much and we spend much of the day with her seeming reall y tired. The bit that's odd is that at my parents house when we stay she sleeps one hour in the morning and two in the afternoon. No impact on her nights.

She is bf and doing blw which is going really well.
Has anyone got any tips to suggest to improve the length of her daytime sleeps?

blossombath Mon 29-Oct-12 10:56:28

Is it darker/warmer/lighter/cooler at your parents house? Maybe the extra stimulation of seeing GPs knocks her out?

My DS is same age and similarly erratic on napping (though not so good on night sleep!) so really just offering tentative thoughts and hoping someone experienced comes along soon!

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