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So there's a lull in the screaming ...

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theQuibbler Fri 26-Oct-12 21:11:35

... So that he can point forlorny at the door and utter one of his four reliable words: Up".I am clearly rubbish at this parenting lark as this is the second one that I have trained to be unable to sleep without a nipple in his mouth.

Ah - back to screaming. Hang on, need to administer a kiss and a lie down suggestion to child.

Ok - Any tips on how to get a stubborn 15 month old to sleep in his cot (one who is used to co-sleeping and still wants to be BF to sleep) and bypass this screamfest would be so, so welcome.

I just want an uninterrupted period of time - not even a full night's sleep - that seems like a fantasy to me. But somehow to sleep for like 4 or 5 hrs at a stretch? I'm just tired and I know it's my own fault but still.


lorisparkle Fri 26-Oct-12 22:50:13

Yes, not only was I daft enough to do it the second time but also the third time!!! I did the 'gradual withdrawl / gradual retreat' method with all of mine when I realised the path we had gone down. I bought the 'Teach your child to sleep' book by The Millpond Clinic which has very nice step by step instructions for when you are sleep deprived.

So this is what we did...

First I sat with him on my lap, a really nice cuddle with singing, rocking anything really to get him to sleep. This did involve crying but because I was holding him it did not last very long and I did not feel as guilty. After three days (or so) I would just hold him with no rocking. Then the next step which was a bit tricky was to hold him whilst he was in the cot. I actually used to lie on a mattress on the floor with him then pick him up and put him in the cot. Then I sat next to him holding his hand (DS2 used to fall asleep with his head on my hand) Then sat next to him, then moved further away until I was out of the door.

It did take a while but certainly worked and involved much less crying and far less trauma for all involved than my friends who did CC. It also was easy to go back a step then continue if he was unwell.

Your DS is a little older than when I started with DS1 so you might want to get the book to see if there are any more ideas.

theQuibbler Sat 27-Oct-12 10:24:55

Oh thank you! That sounds do-able. Will look on Amazon for the book smile

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