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Half the nights great, but half rubbish, at 22 months. Advice please

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Fluffyfish Fri 26-Oct-12 20:01:15

Dd 22 months went into big girl bed two weeks ago. All gone well especially now she is no longer being cuddled to sleep then placed in cot.

About half the nights are brilliant. Sleep at 7.30, wake at 6.30, everyone is happy.

And about half, almost alternate nights I would say, she wakes at about 2.30am (roughly same time each night it happens) and won't resettle and demands to be in our bed. She's
Clearly upset by somethjng when she wakes. Normally she had a very wet nappy at this time so I change it. She also demands milk and won't go back to sleep without it (a bottle) and on nights I've said no she'll cry for it for over an hour).

I can't work it out. No pattern re day time naps or anything to know which nights will be bad.

Any advice?

Fluffyfish Sun 28-Oct-12 08:49:03


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