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Dd nearly 2 no longer cuddled to sleep. Advice now on leaving her to settle self please

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Fluffyfish Fri 26-Oct-12 19:57:31

Dd, 22 months, went into big girl bed (ahead of baby due in Dec) two weeks ago. We'd made a bit of a rod for our own backs and cuddled/fed her to sleep every night her whole life but transition was great (kind of, she sleeps through half the time and wakes up and comes into our bed at 2.30am half the time but that is for another thread).

She now lies down in bed willingly and as long as we are in the armchair next to us and she has had a story she will go to sleep herself. But she gets upset if we leave room. Any advice on this next stage of being able to leave her post story to settle herself in bed?

Fluffyfish Sun 28-Oct-12 08:49:25


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