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8 months old and STILL screaming for up to an hour and a half at bedtime

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fufulina Wed 24-Oct-12 20:13:42

DD2 is gorgeous. Happy, smiley, crawling, two teeth, all good. But, ever since she was tiny, she has never settled well at bedtime. She goes to sleep after bath and boob for about 30 minutes, then wakes up and cries for up to an hour and a half. Sometimes, she doesn't. But mostly, she does, and has done, regardless of other shifts and changes in her sleep, for ever. It's the only time she cries and it is awful.

She is now consistently doing two feeds at night, at about 12 and 4, and up for the day at 6.30. I put her down at 6-6.30, because she has dropped the afternoon catnap ages ago, and wakes from her two hour lunch sleep at about 3. She's exhausted by bedtime. She has half an hour to an hour in the morning. For both daytime sleeps, she settles without a murmur in her cot.

I can sit in with her, or do the bobbing in and out at increasing periods, and it makes no odds. She just wants me there, preferably holding her which I am not prepared to do for an hour every night. I did that until she was six months old, and then got to the end of my patience with it.

Does anyone have any thoughts/advice?

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