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The arms-reach co-sleeper won't work will it?

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Superslinger Wed 24-Oct-12 17:50:00

I want to make the move from bedsharing to using a sidecot/ armsreach type thing. I was about to order an armsreach online but have just realised at the last minute that it won't actually do what I need...

What I saves me so much sleep at the moment is being able to feed her without moving her at all - she's a terror for waking when moved. As much as the armsreach mattress is level with the bed there's then a barrier that goes higher, which would prevent me just lopping my boob in as I'd intended.

Question is does anyone know of a cosleeper with which I could feed with us both just lying on our sides at the edge of our respective mattresses?!

Vinnyinny Wed 24-Oct-12 21:25:52

Hi, I use a co-sleeper cot that I got from Mothercare. The mattress is adjustable to the height of the bed and although there is a small gap that I have filled with a rolled up blanket (due to my bed frame just slightly sticking out further than my mattress) I could feed DS in his cot from my bed. Of course, none of this is really relevant to my own situation as DS 4mnths has never slept in it and is very comfy sprawled out in between me and his dad smile

JeewizzJen Wed 24-Oct-12 22:13:21

We just used a normal cotbed with with the dropside taken off. As it happens, the mattresses lined up anyway, but if they hadn't we'd have just drilled new holes in the legs to make it match! I do exactly as you describe to feed DS - just lop in my boob grin

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