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Suddenly night waking again- 19 months

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Rockchick1984 Wed 24-Oct-12 09:03:04

DS has never been a good sleeper really, but finally started sleeping through fairly consistently about 5 months ago. Over the last week or so, he has started waking again through the night, can be up to 8 times between 11pm and 7.30am.

He basically starts crying in his sleep, if DH or I go through and stroke his head and mutter soothing things he settles down again, if we ignore him he wakes himsel up with crying and is harder to settle back down. He is not showing any other signs that make me think it's teething, and he's not unwell although he had a cold and this started just as he was getting over the cold, though not while he was unwell with it.

I'm so tired, it's like having a newborn again practically! Any advice, suggestions or sympathy please?

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