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2 year old ready to drop nap?

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denise77 Tue 23-Oct-12 20:13:23

dd2 has just turned 2 for the past month her bedtime has been getting later and later she wakes up at 7/730 naptime is 1-230 and bedtime normally 730/8...or so I thought! she won't sleep some nights until 10pm she looks tired but is quite active running up and down
We live in a flat and after an hour of trying to get her to sleep which normally is an hour of her screaming her head off I have to give up as Dd1 needs to go to bed and can't with all the noise! She has a very high pitched cry (annoying) background history I have always breastfed to sleep I stopped two months ago she was able to sleep with dad putting her to sleep with no problems but now even he can't get her down soon as we put her down the crying starts! We cut her nap right back to 45 minutes today and its been an hour and 15minutes since he went to put her down and she is still going strong past dd1s bedtime she is sitting next to me saying her ears are sore!!
Help me before I go deaf!!

molejazz Wed 24-Oct-12 02:19:56

Probably not ready to drop nap if she looks tired, it's prob more overtired. She might have developed some separation anxiety? Does it help to stay in the room with her? Leave her with some books and a dim light/hall light on. Anything to get her in bed but not crying?

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