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Help with bedtime routine please!

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llamallama Tue 23-Oct-12 19:33:46

I have a 12 month old DD, our current routine (which we have done since she was 5 weeks old) is :

6.30 bath followed by getting into sleepsuit

6.45 I breast feed her in the dark in her bedroom. Sometimes she feeds to sleep, sometimes not but when she is done feeding I can pop her in her cot and she turns over to go to sleep.

Our routine works well but I want to introduce a story at bedtime plus wean her off breast feeding and have her drink cows milk before bed. I would also like to stop her associating just mummy with bedtime so that other people can put her to bed.

My initial thoughts are to move bath time slightly earlier then bring her back downstairs for story and breast feed. Then up to bed. Over time replacing breast feed with cows milk?

What do other people do?

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