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Help on getting DS (12 months) to take himself to sleep

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Climbingpenguin Tue 23-Oct-12 14:32:06

It's getting to the point where our current system is not sustainable for me.

Previously DH would rock DS and I would would rock for nap times or for evening pat him off in the cot. While patting works it takes about an hour. I've got out of this routine as for various reasons DH has mostly put him to sleep.

While the process of taking an hour is not great, in the evenings it's not too bad. For naps however DS is getting increasingly difficult to put down and having DD around means 30 mins is all I can do really. I'm at the point of losing my patience with him with is not good for either of us.

Although of routine with it lately, previously I had been doing this for close to two months and he wasn't showing signs of getting any quicker.

Any hints on trying to move him towards self-settling. CC is not really for us and plus I don't think he is ready. Even in a car we get an hour of crying before he goes to sleep in long journeys.

Whiteshoes Tue 23-Oct-12 14:52:00

Ah! Poor you. That's a tough one.

How much sleep is he getting? Does he look tired when he's going to bed? Some of them just don't need as much sleep. Mine doesn't, alas!

Does he have toys that he would play with in the cot? Does he go mad the minute he gets in it? Mine has to have some different combination of toys every nap/sleep.

And presumably you have already have a bed time routine pre the patting?

Climbingpenguin Tue 23-Oct-12 20:34:40

hmm well he started walking today

in hindsight his sleep is really unsettled atm so I guess the going off to sleep worsening might be part of that. Two lots of 1 hour in the buggy weren't enough to take him off either.

I suspect a lot of riding it out until he is ready and being more set in our routine

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