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Dreamfeed at nearly 9 months - good idea?

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FreelanceMama Tue 16-Oct-12 22:13:41

I accidentally introduced a 10.30pm/11pm Dreamfeed with our breastfed son because we shared a room and he'd wake up most nights just after I went to bed around then. On good nights he'd then wake up once more and then sleep until sometimes 8am. Then we hit a period of teething, cough and cold and then had to move him into his own room so we could have the heating on (and not have his bed near a radiator).

His typical pattern now is asleep about 7.30pm then up at 1am, 4am, 6am, 7.30am. Some nights he won't got back to sleep for AGES - nursing, cuddles, rocking, etc.

The Health Visitor today recommended we Dreamfeed about 10.30pm, to try to get him to drop the 4am wake up and feed to sleep.

Has anyone tried introducing a Dreamfeed this late on? We really don't want to go down the controlled crying route (her other recommendation) so am up for trying it to see what happens.

We also have major problems getting him to sleep during the day and she was quite firm that we should get him napping in his cot which he's never done yet...sigh

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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