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Unintentional co-sleeping with 22 mo old

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clarejane Mon 15-Oct-12 17:11:39

In the past three weeks DS has been waking several times in the night, sometimes as early as 10.30pm, and been impossible to resettle. The only thing that works is bringing him into our bed where he promptly falls asleep and sleeps through until 7.30am. This usually means DH ends up on the sofa because he finds it hard to sleep with a large, sprawling, wriggly toddler in the bed. I want DS to sleep all night in his own cot again. In general I would say he's been a pretty normal sleeper and we've let him develop at his own pace rather than do any serious sleep training. I don't expect him to sleep for 12 hours straight every night. We did night-wean him at around a year, and occasionally have done a light version of controlled crying - comforting every few minutes. He has a 1-2hr nap around lunchtime and is generally very active. He goes to bed in his cot around 7.30pm no problem. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions to get out of this new habit? Thanks very much!

NotGeoffVader Tue 16-Oct-12 14:06:39

Only to say that we have had similar problems with DD (20 months) - she eventually falls back to sleep after much fidgeting, grizzling, sitting up, chatting, wanting cuddles...
Thankfully we have a large bed so there is room for all three of us, but I can't sleep properly with her in with us. I usually wait until she's in a deep sleep and pop her back in her cot.

We're in a one-bedroomed flat, and the sound transferrance between us and the neighbours is phenomenal so we don't do controlled crying otherwise nobody would get any sleep at all.

I'm hoping that this is all to do with growth spurts and teething - both of which are in progress at the moment.

clarejane Wed 17-Oct-12 17:59:42

Yes, we've had some teeth through recently which I think might be what started it all - but now I'm worried that sleeping in our bed has become a habit which I don't really want! He napped in our bed today as well, looking pretty pleased with himself even in his sleep. Only problem is we are away for 10 days starting next week - I'm starting to think it's not worth tackling it now as everything goes out the window when we travel.

I haven't tried transferring him back into his cot once he's out though - that might be worth a go. Thanks smile

NotGeoffVader Thu 18-Oct-12 09:02:41

D'you know, Clare, last night was the first night in ages that she pretty much slept through. That said, she didn't go to bed until 8.30. Woke twice for a minor grizzle, but I just made shusshing noises and she stopped again and settled herself.

We have quite often noticed better sleep when we're away - usually because we're out and about more and she gets tired more quickly.

Let me know how the transferring goes. I think it's good for them to have their own space as far as possible. We're limited as you can see, but in all the times (countless) she's had to come in with us, there has only been one occasion when she's not been put back in her cot.

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