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When did your DC stop sleeping in your bed?

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feelingfull Thu 11-Oct-12 11:45:49

DD is 4.5yo and just started YR.

She always starts the night in her bed (she has her own room and lovely single bed) and about 98% of the time she turns up in my bedroom and sleeps with me.

I am on my own and have a king size bed so I don't mind, it's not an issue.

I used to sleep in my mum's bed, she was also single and there weren't enough beds in our house until I was around 10yo!

So, just wondering if your DC still turn up in the middle of the night and how old they are.

CookieRookie Thu 11-Oct-12 11:50:46

DD (12yo) was 4 when I finally got her to sleep in her own bed after weeks of tantrums and crying. I'd never do it again.

I was single and loved having her with me but when I met DH she needed to be in her own bed. She didn't think so! She wondered why he couldn't sleep in the other bed and just leave things as they were grin

It's lovely now but if you plan on having a relationship in the future I'd be stopping it pretty soon.

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