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Blanket alternative?

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MrsNPattz Thu 11-Oct-12 02:00:41

My little boy is 3.5 weeks old, and is still in his Moses basket (although I don't know for how much longer, he is getting soooo big already). He as at the point now where he can kick his blankets off, even when I tuck them in. Is it safe to use a gro bag in a Moses basket? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.

susiegrapevine Thu 11-Oct-12 08:46:13

Gro bags are fine in moses baskets and are the best thing! Tho just search baby sleeping bags as you can get em much cheaper if you don't buy the brand. Just tuck the excess underneath baby tho if he is nearly too big for his basket there may not be much! You might wanna go for the 6 to 12 month ones tho as he may grow out of the 0-6 a boit quick. As long as he is not lighter than the minimum weight he will be fine. Congrats. My lo now 7 weeks has been in his sleeping bag since 3/4 weeks.

MrsNPattz Thu 11-Oct-12 09:33:27

Brilliant thank you very much smile do you put a vest and sleep suit on under the sleeping bag?

susiegrapevine Thu 11-Oct-12 11:16:56

Yes but you must not put anything on top. So if its really cold I normally use fleecy sleepsuit or double up on sleepsuits or use long sleeve vest and sleepsuit as there arms stick out. And I used gloves for ds1 (now 2.4) the 1st winter as his hands got so cold. I expect your lo will sleep much better in a sleeping bag too. Oh and when night feeding do not take lo out then when you put him back he will not be hitting a cold moses basket mattress and waking up.

MrsNPattz Thu 11-Oct-12 13:46:44

That's great thank you very much for your advice - will give it a go!

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