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Carry cot to cot bed

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Snugglymumma Wed 10-Oct-12 22:35:54

we have a nine month old daughter who has a cotbed in her own bedroom. We have placed the carrycot in the cotbed to get her used to the new cotbed, however after a period of time, when we thaught she's be used to the cot, we put her into the cotbed directly and she did not sleep properly (nor did we obviously because she kept getting us up) we have ended up putting our daughter back into her carry cot and persevering at a later date to put her in the bigger cot bed but with the same result. Can anyone suggest how we might wean her off the carry cot into the cot bed ?
Thanks xxxx grin)

loismustdieatyahoodotcom Thu 11-Oct-12 08:51:02

Dont know if this will work but have you tried a foam inlay so the cot does seem too big ifswim. Alternative try two rolled up towels at either side of her for the same effect. We used towels as our ds went into his cot at 4 months as we were distrubing him during the night. Good luck!!

susiegrapevine Thu 11-Oct-12 08:51:57

We put our lo in the cotbed for naps to get him used to it. Then you avoid the sleepless nights but they can get grotty in the day if they don't nap obviously but its worth a try.

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