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Moving 14mo to a bed?

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My 14mo DS has never been a good sleeper. The longest he has ever slept for is seven hours and this has happened, oooh, maybe three times? On a 'normal' night he will wake every 2-4 hours and not go back to sleep until I feed him or DH does an elaborate shhhhh, pat, 'go the fuck to sleep' routine. Over the last week or so, he's been happy to sleep on our bed, the spare bed in the spare room, or on the floor hmm but SCREAMS as soon as we put him in his cot. We're seriously considering buying a toddler bed, or just putting a mattress on the floor of his room so that he feels less constricted and if he does wake up ridiculously often and ridiculously early he can get to his toys/books without bothering us.

Has anyone tried this (moving a child to a bed earlier than is necessarily usual)? How did it work?

scrivette Sat 13-Oct-12 19:22:24

Why don't you try it anyway, it sounds like a good idea to me. I think my SIL moved her DS into a bed at about 18 months and he slept better.

Because then we'd have to buy a bed... and if he's far too young then we'll have a bed to store for a few months grin

I think we're going to try the 'mattress on the floor' idea though, and your SIL's story reassures me. Thanks.

scrivette Sat 13-Oct-12 23:50:47

I agree, mattress on the floor option first rather than a bed grin

My 15 month old naps on our bed when DH is looking after him. We have one of those silly, very low beds. When he wakes up he just gets up, walks to the stair gate and shouts down to let DH know he is awake. smile

ListenToYourHeart Sun 14-Oct-12 01:33:35

My DD was exactly like this... We bought her a toddler bed with side rail bit at 15 months and she slept fine after that.

If you can then I defiantly think its a good idea to start with the mattress on the floor.

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