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If its not one thing...

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BlingLoving Wed 10-Oct-12 19:32:23

Me again. Ds is sleeping much better now mostly and although he wakes me t night, I mostly don't even have to go in to him.

His new thing is that he just won't go to sleep when we put him down. On plus side, he's not screaming so we can leave him to it, but he is sitting chatting to himself for an hour or more. Then he wakes up late the next day, throwing nap times I to disarray.

Today we kept his nap super short and I. The car to try reset him. But as I type this he is banging happily on the side of his crib. Should I just leave him and be eternally thankful that I don't have to be In there with him and that we are getting "lie ins" in the morning? Selfishly, dh and I prefer he goes down by 7:30 latest as those few baby free hours at the end of the day are precious to us!

narmada Wed 10-Oct-12 20:41:25

maybe he just prefers a later bedtime?

If it doesn't fit your life you could maybe try waking him up consistently earlier than he currently gets up so he is more tired at bedtime. Would that work?

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