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Help - I want to carry on co-sleeping - what do you do when they can crawl?

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Gooby Tue 30-Dec-03 12:30:03

Hi. Just read a post about co-sleeping so now know there are lots of you out there who have been doing it long term (very reassuring). Co-sleeping is (mostly) working for us so I'm keen to carry on, but ds (nearly 8 months) is on the verge of crawling and I'm wondering about safety. He's going through a phase of waking in the night and gettign on all fours - I'm worried that once he can crawl he'll be off the side of the bed before I can stop him.

How did you make co-sleeping work once your babies were more mobile?

emkaren Tue 30-Dec-03 12:33:03

I bought a bedside barrier thingy that you can slide under the mattress - I got it from Index, but I think Argos do one too, also saw one in ToysRus. Good luck!

dinosaur Tue 30-Dec-03 12:35:05

Same here.

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