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5 month old sleep issues

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Mushroom2012 Wed 10-Oct-12 12:30:05

I really need some help with my 5 and half month old baby with her sleep.
We used to rock her to sleep when she was a newborn as this was the only way she would eventually sleep, but she cried the whole time and didn?t sleep very much. Then at 8 weeks we discovered the fan in the kitchen help settle her quicker. Again there was always a protest. At 3 months we developed a bedtime routine and always put her in her cot to sleep, but we have to bounce the mattress and again she would still cry. We have for the past two months tried to do cc, however when you pick her up she doesn?t stop crying so I just leave her in her cot but continue to bounce the mattress. I should also say that you cannot tell when she is tired I just go by a 2 hour rule that she will need to sleep. When I?ve kept her up longer it usually takes longer to bounce the mattress. I also bought a sleep light which plays music and lights (this worked a couple of time). I would do any thing to get her to associate going to bed with a good thing. She seems to get so angry and will put her fist or anything she can grab in her mouth (she has always done this so I don?t think its teething as its only when we try and make her sleep). She has started to crawl so she will now go on all fours with her fist in her mouth and scream at us. The mattress is completely wet by the end of each nap/bedtime. I should also add she is incredibly aware of her surroundings much more than the other babies her age that I have noticed (which is probably why she hates sensory).

We have a bedtime routine and she normally goes off quicker as she is so tired at the end of the day.

Her naps also only last 30 minutes and I have tried to extend them by shhing her but this doesn?t work. I only go and get her once she starts crying.

The crying last for anywhere from 10 mins to normally 30 mins however, yesterday she cried for 2 and half hours.

We also have major problems at night as she wakes constantly to be fed (ebf) but I guess that a whole new question, which I will post.

I?m so desperate for help as this is making me really depressed and I would like to start enjoying he remainder of my mat leave with her. I will now do anything that I haven?t tried already. My HV told me to leave her to CIO which I tried. For the last 2 months I have a family support worker who visits once a week to help with ideas who suggested I posted on mumsnet. I really look forward to any advice or where I can go for further help.

ElphabaTheGreen Wed 10-Oct-12 12:42:07

It's too early for me to claim a complete victory yet, but we do seem to be having some success with the sleep training we're doing at the moment. My thread is here in case there's anything useful for you in there. The keys have been earlier bedtime, leaving him in his cot with one of us just sitting with a hand on him (no picking up) and getting optimal naps during the day in order to minimise over tiredness at bed time. Hope you find something that works. x

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