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am I being stupidly naive in hoping that DD2's abysmal sleep might be due to ear infection/s?

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rhetorician Sun 07-Oct-12 21:58:43

I've posted about her before; she is 10 months, and whilst never a wonderful sleeper, was pretty OK (e.g. in cot 7-7 with one or two wake-ups: this now sounds blissful!).

Disrupted summer - away a lot in different places, then end of August ear infection which GP doesn't medicate, 2 weeks later course of ABs. She has had colds, teething, etc, and she is at her ears all the time. She is fine when upright, but is waking screaming every hour or two, sometimes only minutes after I've put her down. She is easy enough to settle mostly, but often falls asleep on my shoulder as I get her out of the cot...

am I clutching at straws? she is no longer fed to sleep and mostly isn't waking to feed. We are absolute wrecks

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