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Vomiting instead of sleeping!

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chipped Sun 07-Oct-12 21:53:58

Ds2 has been awful! He is 15 mths now and just careers from one sleep issue to another. We are fairly competent and have always been consistent, while making allowances of course for (frequent) illnesses and teething etc.

We have found the best thing to do has been story; milk; cuddle/lullabye; into cot. We then stay and pat/stroke head then leave the room. If he cries we shush either outside the door or back in room depending on distress level. If he stands up (grr!) we lay him straight back down again and stroke head. He can get quite upset but has always settled to sleep eventually.

He has now added vomiting to his repertoire confused which means whole change of sheets, pyjamas and start again. Grrr!

I now dont know when to pick him up and comfort him to prevent him reaching this stage, or when to just keep reassuring him while waiting for him to go to sleep. It seems it can go either way and I'm damned sure I don't want to start having to sit up there for hours cuddling him to sleep every night, which I think will happen if we start doing that as the default.

Anyone have experience of this? Does it tend to stop or continue and worsen? Any advice much appreciated.

ProudNeathGirl Sun 07-Oct-12 22:22:40

We had a similar issue with my DD. She actually made herself sick. Advice from HV was to clean her up without making a fuss, and put her back to bed. Minimal talking and no cuddles etc. we'd put her in a bed as needed cot for DD2.
She soon realised that she wasn't getting any attention and have it up.
When she started to get out of bed, we put a stair gate in the doorway. She used to stand and rattle it. Lol!
A few times she went to sleep on the floor.
Stay firm and keep to routine.
It seems like it takes ages to get them to understand bedtime is bedtime. But in reality it took us a couple of weeks.

chipped Mon 08-Oct-12 08:05:43

Thank you, that's really reassuring and helpful. I think I could be more minimal with the fuss I make smile

ProudNeathGirl Mon 08-Oct-12 18:38:33

Good luck! Be firm smile

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