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6wo takes one huge sleep in the daytime - normal?

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Purplelooby Sun 07-Oct-12 16:29:24

I'm quite worried about the pattern my 6wo is getting into...

He's great at night (goes down after 10 pm bottle, wakes for bottle around 2/3 am and then sleep until around 6 am). However his daytime is just wierd. Basically, rather than napping, he takes a huge (around 6-8 hr) sleep in the daytime, waking only for a feed. It's like he has two nighttimes. I'm worried because a) I heard newborns take short naps in the daytime and b) he only gets 2 activity sessions in the daytime and these aren't very long before he gets cranky. His total amount of sleep is perfect (about 16-18 hrs) and he is very alert when awake, but because his awake time can be up to 3 hours he gets quite grumpy.

Last week I tried to do Eat, Activity, Sleep, but when I tried to keep him awake after feeds when he normally sleeps, he was sooooo shattered and got over-tired and then by the end of the week was refusing to sleep at all!

Should I be worried? Any advice on how to break his daytime sleep into naps? If I wake him during this sleep he just cries...

HearMyRoar Sun 07-Oct-12 18:44:48

At 6 weeks I'm pretty sure just about anything your DC wants to do is normal. I would go with it for now. It will all change soon enough have no fear.

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