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Big 7 month old waking constantly, need advice re how much food and milk to give (sorry, long!)

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ElmMum Sun 07-Oct-12 11:29:43

DD2 is a whopper. Just 7 months old, 7 teeth (number 8 on the way - she's been teething almost constantly since 3 months), 1 stone 10lbs.

We started giving her solid food around 5.5 months and she's taken to it brilliantly. Mixture of BLW and mashed up food (not pureed). She has a food breakfast (7.30 ish), lunch (12.30 ish) and tea (5.30 ish). She has 2 or 3 naps per day, depending on when she woke up, how long first nap was etc.

But now we're a bit muddled about how many bottles she needs. Pre-weaning she was chugging back 4 x 8oz (240ml) bottles a day + another 8oz bottle for dream feed around 10.30pm.

Despite lots of night waking because of teeth, we had fairly consistently completely dropped any night feeding as she clearly didn't need it i.e. she would wake up at 7am ish and not be ready for a bottle for ages even when she hadn't eaten all night.

Now she's eating food though, she seems to be dropping one of her daytime bottles for herself i.e. just not interested in the mid-afternoon bottle, so we'd be down to 3 bottles during the day. Fine, except we seem miles away from being able to drop the dream feed.

I'm loathe to drop a daytime bottle and the dream feed at once, and since we are a long way from sleeping through, and she always chugs away at least two thirds of her dream feed, I think she probably does still need it.

Any advice very welcome. I've never felt with DD2 that we're on top of things at all. She's been teething since 3 months and is far from being able to self-settle, needs quite a lot of help to get to sleep etc, plus she shares a room with DD1 who has just started school, so we can't just let her cry it out a bit without waking her big sister up.

Sorry for long post!

BillyBollyBandy Sun 07-Oct-12 21:28:27

I have dd2 who was/is exactly the same and she is 16 months. She still has a bottle at night and she needs it.

Her final teeth are now coming through and she has really struggled wth them. When she is teething she goes off food and increases milk. She needs the milk because she downs the bottle. While you dd is srinking it give it to her, i would say the only thing to watch out for is whether she is just using it as a sleep prop but that doesn't sound like it.

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