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Help - sleep!

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tiggy02 Sun 07-Oct-12 11:08:51

My DS was 6 wks old yesterday. He is our first child. He already weighs 13lbs and likes to eat! He is bf. At night he eats constantly ie he can be awake for half an hour in every hour making the nights exhausting. from about 2am he starts to choke and vomit after he has been fed and gets upset. I think its wind causing his pain. Has anyone any suggestions, obviously i want to help him and secondly i wld love to get a few hours sleep. Ideally the remedies wld be natural ones as i dont want to pump him with drugs but i dont know what to do.

quoteunquote Sun 07-Oct-12 12:44:39

He's growing faster than he will ever grow again, he is just feeling a massive urge to provide for this growth, it will settle down, it won't be like this forever, try to catch up on sleep when ever you can, day or night.

I have no idea why by if I drunk loads of fennel tea, it seemed to help with the babies tummies.

omama Sun 07-Oct-12 20:38:24

At 6 weeks there is a huge growth spurt, so like pp says it will settle down soon, but I do have to say I think that sounds like a lot of feeding, even for a growth spurt. TBH if he is choking & vomiting & windy, it sounds like he may be overfeeding. Do you think he may be suckling for comfort rather than actually needing to feed quite so often? Perhaps if he is a sucky baby, a dummy might help? Infacol or gripe water might also help settle his tummy. One other thought - does he show any other signs of reflux eg back arching/crying during feeds, crying when he's laid down flat, happier when upright, spitting up a lot? Some babies with reflux completely refuse to feed but others will overfeed in an attempt to soothe the acid burning in the throat.

tiggy02 Mon 08-Oct-12 11:55:19

he may be sucking for comfort - its gone on like this for weeks now, he does show signs of reflux - the dr has put him on gaviscon but i dont see any improvement. he arches his back a bit during some feeds. not sure whether to keep with gaviscon or try infacol or dummy or both??

omama Mon 08-Oct-12 22:51:46

I wouldn't stop using the gaviscon in favour of the infacol, you can probably use both. How long has he been taking it - are you still on the correct dosage for his weight? Gaviscon can alleviate the spit up to a degree as it acts as a thickener in the stomach, but it isn't always effective enough, and some babies may need to be properly medicated with ranitidine or similar. Gaviscon can also have some other unwanted side effects eg constipation, so if he's windy it may be related. If you feel his symptoms aren't improving I would take him back to your GP.

Whether you use a dummy is up to you, since BF is well established now it shouldn't affect his latch, all it may do is help soothe his throat and reduce the frequency of feeding if he's doing it purely for comfort. If he's taken a good feed he should be able to last at least 2hrs, probably nearer 2.5hrs before his next one.


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