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Support on how to ease the nap to no nap transition...

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MrsRadicchio Sun 07-Oct-12 09:42:51

DS is 2.2 so quite young to be dropping a nap. However for the past week or so he has been refusing to go down and surviving quite well for the day, just starting to seem tired about 6.

His routine with a nap is usually to sleep 8/8.30 - 6/6.30 then sleep up to about 2 hours. If I can get him to sleep for his nap, he will still have a long one.

Without a nap, I've been putting him to bed earlier and he is asleep by 7.

Initially he would sleep til 6.30 but the last few nights he has woken about 5/5.30 which with him is a clear sign he is getting over tired.

Usual tricks like going for a walk in the buggy around nap time or later aren't working to get him to sleep.

This has also coincided with him becoming a home body and not wanting to go out as much so he is getting a lot less exercise and fresh air, which may mean he is not so tired?

Any tips for how to make this easier (to avoid him getting overtired mainly)...or views on whether he does actually seem ready to drop the nap?


omama Sun 07-Oct-12 20:26:31

what time does he usually take his nap? Just wondered if perhaps it was starting too early & he needs it a wee bit later? If it usually starts earlier than 1pm I would try pushing nap later, if it already starts at 1pm+ then I would agree it sounds like he isn't needing to nap every day anymore. But I'd be surprised if he will drop the nap completely overnight. Its a huge transition to make & so I'd guess it'll be more likely for him to nap less frequently until eventually he can manage every single day without a nap.

Of course if he point blank refuses to nap no matter what, then you haven't got a lot of choice except to go with it! (poor you!)

My DS is same age & we are also finding that some days he's not tired enough to nap. We do the same as you & put him to bed about an hour earlier at night & he usually sleeps extra at night to make up for it. Like your DS, he gets overtired if he has any more than a couple of no nap days in a row, so what I am doing is offering the nap every day, if he takes it he takes it & if he doesn't fall asleep then at least he's had some quiet time to help him recharge his batteries a bit & help him get through the rest of the day. I also wouldn't be afraid to do a super early bedtime if I felt he was really OT.


Iggly Sun 07-Oct-12 20:28:28

If he sleeps and still goes to bed early, this strikes me as a developmental thing.
We had to sit with ds for naps during this phase as became a battle otherwise.

As for becoming a home body - well ds would be reluctant to go out so I'd entice him with a snack and once out, he would be happy!

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