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How to get a 20 month old to nap in her cot? Or her buggy? Or anywhere, so I can nap too!

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RunningKatie Sat 06-Oct-12 20:48:49

DD has been a challenge on the sleeping front from day one.

Making a rod for our own backs thanks granny for that phrase! we let her sleep on us in the daytime etc., and have finally started sleep training at night doing the vanishing chair system. It still takes her an hour to settle herself but we're actually making progress which is great.

We moved house in July, and for the last 12 weeks she and I have gone for a walk after lunch, she's fallen asleep within 15 mins and slept for at least an hour.

However, two weeks ago she went to stay with my PIL as I had severe food poisoning (and am 37 weeks pg with DC2). Since she's come back, she's refused to sleep in the buggy, she won't sleep on me, and if I try putting her in her cot then she just bounces up and down it singing songs and generally getting very giddy.

I got her to nap on Tuesday as she was in the car, and she's done it again today, but I can't do that every day and I really need to rest in the day now as I'm shattered.

Do I need to get her up earlier in the morning?
Is there any specific routine I should follow when putting her in the cot for her lunchtime nap?
Or, do I just try keeping her awake till bedtime as my DM suggests, even though she'll get increasingly tetchy during the afternoon and I'll be a jibbering wreck by bedtime?!

Thank you. smile

omama Sat 06-Oct-12 21:00:11

what time does she usually wake in the morning & what time are you trying to get her down for her nap? It was around that age I had to shift my DS's nap a wee bit later to 1pm as he just wasn't tired enough to go down at 12.30 anymore.

There's also a lot of developmental stuff going on at this age (language explosion/increased awareness of ability to make own choices & teething 2yr molars) & they can go through stages of resisting naps, taking ages to settle at bedtime, waking early & night wakings. If this sounds like your DD hang in there, keep offering her nap & it should settle back down within a few weeks.


RunningKatie Sun 07-Oct-12 20:50:44

Thanks omama, she usually wakes up around 7.30 to 8am, and I try to get her to nap around 12.30. I'll try and settle her a bit later tomorrow and see how we get on.

She's definitely having a language explosion, last night she fell asleep chanting "sausage, chips, sausage, chips". grin

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