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Do I wake ds?

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BlingLoving Thu 04-Oct-12 08:49:53

Brief background : ds has always been awful sleeper. Slowly things got better then we had a month of absolute hell - awake for hours etc etc. in retrospect it seems it was probably linked to a bad teething period (3 molars in a month), some bad nappy rash and possibly a pre-growth spurt. He has been sleeping fairly well again.

Now we are changing his routine - he was having one long nap around 11am but that's too early now so we are moving him to the traditional toddler early lunch then a nap routine. But... It's not all smooth sailing. We think he gas snother tooth coming through. Result is that he has had a lot of poo and disrupted sleep. And now he's still sleeping at 8:45. Should I wake him or let him sleep on basis he missed quite a lot of sleep last night? I am just concerned that this new routine is being disrupted as this is the second time he's had a night like this in last few days.

He is 17 months almost.

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