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no sleep is driving me petty. what can i do!?

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fairplay Sun 30-Sep-12 10:30:46

Help! My 5mo ds and 2yo Dd have me up hourly in the night between them. What can i do?Im at the end of my tether and turningvinto shouty mum.

Dd was previously a fable sleeper but lately she's up in the night making requests such as fund this doll, put my blanket on etc. She's also waking crying but isn't properly awake if that makes sense; sometimes just needs soothing.

Ds was waking 2'times in th night and i could handle it but now he's up every hour and i resort to bfing to sleep as its the easiest. He's goes back down and then is awake again as soon as Im back in bed after settling Dd.

Dh is trying to help but ds just wants boob.

What can i do?

Going to try a night light gore Dd, any recommendations? Should i try ds with a dummy at this age?

Im not sure if Dd isn't seething ( those nasty top pointy ones) but Please tell me she'll go back to the brilliant sleeper she once was%

Im so tired.

fairplay Sun 30-Sep-12 10:31:31

Sorry for typos. Blooming phone and tired eyes!

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