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DS 2 screaming...

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pugh Tue 25-Sep-12 21:35:13

He has just turned one and is cutting tooth nr 15- top premolars almost through. He has had a cold & horrible cough with fevers last week. That settled. He can (and has!) slept through previously.

He goes to bed after bath &bottle-usually falls asleep on bottle around 1930 ish.

He stirs about 30/45 min after we go to bed-usually midnight-ish. And screams the place down. I often offer him milk but he doesn't really want it. I usually put at least bonjela on &sometimes add calpol too.

Then the only place he can go to sleep...IS IN HIS PRAM! Crying it out won't work-he wakes Dd up. CC previously didn't work.. And again he'd wake his sister up.

Is this just a phase? Daytime naps: he puts himself off to sleep -in pram! He wil manage to go to sleep himself in pram w a bit of crying at night/early morning(at other end of house so not to wake sis up).

We are both busy at work and just doing anything t o encourage sleep but worried he won't sleep in his pram for an entire night ever again!

narmada Wed 26-Sep-12 20:43:53

are you sure he dost have ear or chest infection as both of these can make babies averse to sleeping lying down and might explain the pram preference.

failing that... all i can say is i sympathise. we sometimes have similar with Ds who is nearly 2. tonight with him i am going to play devil"s sleep advocate and try just gently rousing and resettling him before turning in myself.

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