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Hungry baby

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Pickles77 Sun 23-Sep-12 01:48:47

Hi, my DD is 9 days old and is sleeping in her Moses basket now,
She sleeps most of the day but feeds every 1-2 hours until 3pm where she's been napping until 6, she has a feed then at eight and ten,

The problem is I don't seem to be able to get more than an hours sleep out of her at a time. When she wakes she is ravenous. It's just me too and she's bf and it's getting very hard to function.
Im really concerned shes not getting enough milk from me, or has got day and night mixed up. Would a top up of hungry baby milk help?

I'm sorry if this is all wrong but I'm shattered. Thanks for your help

Mandinga79 Sun 23-Sep-12 06:46:36

Absolutely normal for a BF baby of that age, I'm afraid! Your milk is absolutely fine. If you do try to supplement with formula now it may impact your milk supply as you need her stimulation to keep it going and build it up to her needs. They don't start differentiating between day and night until after two weeks (or more) so you'll just need to tough that one out, unfortunately.

How about expressing some milk for your partner to take over the odd feed? I also found getting a bedtime routine in early helped a lot. At a set time in the evening, give her a top and tail (which will eventually become a nightly bath), change into a sleep suit, then feed, feed, feed until she's asleep. Stick to the same routine at the same time every evening. Keep night feeds really boring with low light, no talking and minimal eye contact and only change the nappy if really soiled. Make daytimes the more exciting time period and she'll work out the difference.

Yours in sleep deprivation!

Mandinga79 Sun 23-Sep-12 06:51:41

Oops - sorry. Does 'it's just me too' mean you don't have a partner to help? Do you have a friend/relative who can take her for a long walk during the day or give her an expressed feed so you can get some daytime catch up sleep?

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