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My recent night-weaning success with DD 14 mths

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filey1 Fri 21-Sep-12 21:51:19

Thought I would post this as I have got lots of tips from here over the past year or so.

My DD is 14 months and breastfed a few times a day and I feed her to sleep at night. She usually naps for 2 hours during the day (either in the pram or fed to sleep on the bed). We have been doing BLW and she eats relatively well but still not a lot. I guess you could say I am an attachment parent type (although I don't really use that term!). I am hoping to let her self-wean.

Since about 6 months her sleeping has gone through phases of being absolutely terribly ie waking up every half hour to being OK ie waking up every 3 hours. I have survived for months or blocks on only 3 or 4 hours max of undisturbed sleep. I would feed her to sleep on the bed and transfer her to the cot (although this has only been doable in the last 5 months as previously she would always wake so I left her on the bed). She would go down at 7:30/8pm (although this wouldnt always work). When she woke up I would usually end up bringing her in to bed with me as I was so knackered. She would then sleep in between my DH and I and I would feed her on and off most of the night. Occasionally we would transfer her back to the cot. I tried night weaning when she was nearly 1 but she screamed and screamed so I gave up after 2 or so nights. Now I am back at work full time and my whole body has been aching from feeding her at strange angles in bed and I have been so tired I cant function!

So...last Wednesday I decided to start night weaning. I made sure she had a big dinner and gave her her favourite foods that I know she eats lots of (weetbix, cheese, yoghurt, hummus etc). Then I fed her to sleep as usual. As luck had it, she only woke up twice that night but it took quite a while to get her back to sleep each time. We have a 1 bedroom flat and DH was working the next day so he sept on the sofa. She did cry a bit but it wasn't constant and she was desperate to get back to sleep. I brought her in to bed with me and sang to her, cuddled her, read her a book, offered her water etc. Eventually after 45 mins or so, she went back to sleep. The second time was the same but she went back to sleep quicker but whimpered every 20 mins or so for about an hour.

I did the same for the next night and then DH woke up with her for the next 2 nights. She woke up 3 times both nights. Then I tried 2 more nights and she was only waking once at around 4am. Then on Tuesday night she slept through from 7:30 until 6am (in her cot the whole time). Wednesday night was until 6:20 and last night until 6:30. When she wakes if it is past 6am I have brought her in to bed with us and fed her. Each time she has fallen back to sleep for another hour or two.

So fingers crossed this good sleeping is going to continue!! I just don't think she was ready for it any earlier. I would recommend wearing a high neck top to bed as DD was getting cranky the first night cos she could see my boobs. It hasn't been as tough as I thought it would be and there haven't been too many tears. I found having her next to me in bed when she was crying was best as she is too heavy to rock and I would of found it too difficult to leave her crying in her cot.

Good luck to everyone.

JeewizzJen Fri 21-Sep-12 22:14:34

That's brilliant - nice work filey! We started a few days of DS (15mo) being settled by DP, but he's now got a really yukky cold so I'm not going to carry on until he's better. The few nights we have done haven't reduced the wakings yet, but he has settled pretty well with DP, so that's a good start knowing that he can go longer without milk!

lotti37 Fri 21-Sep-12 23:20:00

Hi when I read your story I thought how fantastic - really pleased for you. My 14 month is literally the same breast fed to sleep in the bed but wakes up a lot screaming as soon as he wakes. I am soooooo tired as he wakes about 4-5 times a night. He has never slept through sad . Was thinking to feed him when he wakes at 1 and then put him back in cot and then go in and put him down when he cries make shh noises rub him on back etc . He Is very persistent stubborn and would cry for ages even if he was exhausted. He likes company. So difficult to know the best way to handle it. An advice thank you!

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