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<yawn> anyone else got a developmentaly leaping, forgotten how to sleeping, growth spurting baby?

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Indith Mon 10-Sep-12 21:23:54

Want to come be sleep deprived with me?

Ds2 is 6 months old. By this age ds1 was sleeping 13 hours a night. I feel all misty eyed at the memory.

He started self settling at 4 months but then the 4 month regression hit and we've not seen that again but he as fairly settled, feeding 3 hourly and going right back to sleep.

Currently he is trying desperately to crawl. He fights sleep like crazy, hardly naps in the day even on the school run or in the car. If at home and I put him down he is awake and screaming within 5 minutes while trying to do press ups and crawl around the bed. When he finally gives up in the evening and either feeds to sleep or lets dh walk him around the house til he drops off he wakes several times during the evening screaming and tossing around and will not let dh settle him any more. He wakes constantly at night, I'm talking every half hour or so and for the first half of the night latches on and feeds back to sleep but then in the middle part is so bloody full of milk he won't latch on and just head buts me and hits me before he settles in to feeding again towards 4am.

This had bloody well better be a developmental leap that passes soon. So, so tired.

He woke this evening and screamed and screamed and screamed. He even screamed at me when I tried to latch him on. Poor baby really doesn't seem to be able to stay asleep any more even when he is desperate to sad

Suchanamateur Tue 11-Sep-12 15:13:53

So glad am not the only shouty mummy out there sad. I thought the whole point of second or third children was that they were really easy, slept anywhere because they had to do it all to the chaos backdrop of number 1. My 'I will only sleep in a cot mummy and then only when you've patted me to oblivion' delightful DD clearly doesn't know this.

Indith Tue 11-Sep-12 17:03:09

Arti your naps and sleep stretches sound positively wonderful to me right now!

Sadly I have found that while school runs are great with a little baby to space out naps and feeds they also mean that the baby gets used to napping on the school runs so you don't get any nap time at home.

I just want more than 20 mins at a time tonight. That would be lovely. It may also help me to stop shouting so much.

Ds2 used to sleep through noise but now he is so bloody nosy he just wakes up and wriggles around the room following the big ones.

PoppyAmex Tue 11-Sep-12 17:41:51

DD is 26 weeks and was sleeping 12 hours EVERY night since she was a few weeks old. Every single night.

12 hours of blissful sleep with one dreamfeed and never woke up.

Enter 4 month sleep regression and I could die - she wakes up a million times a night for no particular reason. We have always co-slept, so I can't even add that to the mix.

Like you OP, I'm desperate to see her crawl as she's obsessed with it and is getting really close (started crawling backwards yesterday but still very pissed off hmm )

Accordingly to the "Wonder Weeks" this tage can last anything from 2 weeks to 3 months [faints]

Indith Tue 11-Sep-12 18:09:49

3 months? <<weeps>>

notwoo Tue 11-Sep-12 18:21:16

3 months???

We were doing so well- 5-6 hour stretches from a week old, not even crying when he woke up-just a little grunt to politely request some milk

Then we hit 4 months and he started waking every 3 hours and being a bit more vocal.

Thought we'd beaten that one around 5 months with a formula feed at 11 and a bit of mush in the day leading to him waking after 4 hours instead.

Now we're at 6 months-we've had screaming for the first time ever, waking every hour only being soothed with boob, flailing around, flipping over and getting stuck on his tummy etc etc.

Dd was a horrendous sleeper. I really can't go back to that!!


BikeRunSki Tue 11-Sep-12 19:30:38

DD just gone to bed. 10 months. Woke up 3 times last night. At night I am the only person who can settle her (and she is not even bf). Please, for the love of God and all things holy sleep tonight, please.

Indith Tue 11-Sep-12 20:02:51

Ds2 went to bed tonight [hock] and has not yet woken up! shockshock Even if I have jinxed it by saying that this is his longest sleep stretch for quite some time.

BikeRunSki Tue 11-Sep-12 21:03:40

A personal best for DD. Asleep for an hour and about 10 mind before wailing started.

rhetorician Tue 11-Sep-12 21:19:37

yep: dd2 is 9 months and pretty monstrous on the sleep front (although of course charming in every other respect). We moaned incessantly about dd1 (sometimes on here, sometimes to people formerly known as friends) but actually she was almost at the sleeping through point by this stage. DD2 naps ok (mostly), but goes to bed around 7 - and is on her second wake-up so far. On a good night she might stay asleep from around 8-3, but then will be buggering about, draining the lifeblood from poor DP feeding. Up at 7, usually. She sleeps in cot until the 3am despair, at which point she ends up in bed with us.

She is almost crawling, almost standing and starting to make meaningful noises (well, to us, anyway); she has had ear infection, ABs which upset her tummy and to cap it off I think she is growing a new tooth. Doesn't make it ok though, kiddo...

Cydonia Tue 11-Sep-12 22:27:38

Put DS to bed tonight (9pm, bedtime routine did not go to plan), wide awake so gave dummy. DS discovers his hands can meet each other and coordinate in taking dummy in and out of mouth. Even though it takes him a while to go to sleep I am a proud mummy and vainly hoping this was what he was working on and tomorrow night he will sleep for hours and hours....
In the meantime I'm going to sleep myself now while all is peaceful. Hope everyone has a good night!

SwivelHips Wed 12-Sep-12 03:48:56

I hope everyone is fast asleep and I'm the alone awake with a very farty ds.
If I need to change his nappy then its game over for me....sigh

lucylookout Wed 12-Sep-12 04:06:22

Nope you're not alone. I'm here, also feeding farty ds. He's only 8 weeks old but gets increasingly hard to settle from this time on. God help me when we get to 4 months.

VintageNancy Wed 12-Sep-12 05:11:01

My 5 month DD used to sleep 7 hours at night back in the olden days! Then at around 2.5 months she added a waking, and then another and then ended up waking every 2 hours.

We're now getting 3-4 hour stretches with the occasional 6-8 hour stretch to get us over excited! She usually goes down at around 8pm, wakes after an hour and needs resettling, then goes to about 1am and then 4 & then up at 7. I can usually resettle her without feeding at 1 so she can go 8 hours without nursing but still wakes up at 1 anyway most nights. Tried dream feeding but it makes no difference.

So tired all the time, and spend a lot of the day obsessing about sleep!!

VintageNancy Wed 12-Sep-12 05:12:26

I should add that I'm in the US so it's still yesterday here (9pm) wink.

jaggythistle Wed 12-Sep-12 06:16:37

me too. DS2 20 weeks had a brief period of only up once or twice before sleep regression. his record was only about 5 or 6 hours in a row and this only happened twice though.

he's been up and down for what seems like ages but is probably only a few weeks.

I've resorted to nervous co sleeping and putting him back in cot when conked out. i was feeling a wee bit more rested compared to falling asleep sitting up. however the last two mornings it's not working and he's gone all wriggly and farty and cried.

I've had to sit back up to feed him. he's now passed out but i think the fart was a poo. sad

i don't want to wake him to change him as he'll probably wake DS1 who was still awake and grinning at 10pm. a combination of grumpy and toilet training is not attractive in a toddler.

also i was going to start getting up earlier, to practise for going back to work and also so half the day doesn't fly by while DS1 sits on the toilet for ages we all get ready.

oh. that was a bit of a grumble then. blush

Suchanamateur Wed 12-Sep-12 06:30:20

Gah. DD up sInging at 5 and no amount of patting or feeding is getting her back down. She's in her cot now, yowling and laughing but I am not getting her up yet, in the vain hope she might eventually go back. No idea what I do about first nap if she doesn't (and looking increasingly unlikely). And she sucks her thumb FFS. I thought this was meant to be the answer to everything. Hope better nights all round.

jaggythistle Wed 12-Sep-12 06:35:58

DS2 actually asleep in cot now, just me all awake. he intermittently sucks his thumb too, but doesn't seem to like it as much as DS1 sad

Suchanamateur Wed 12-Sep-12 06:42:36

She loves hers. Doesn't seem to make gee sleep though. She's a tummy sleeper and just flips on her back and waves around like an overexcited beetle. Even though she knows perfectly well how to flip back.

And DH and I have just had a muttered argument about it. His view is that we should always just leave her. But he doesn't then have to deal with wreck of an overtired baby, massive nap refusal and even more frequent wakings, does he? 15 more minutes and then I'll get her up for 10 minutes before trying to put her back to sleep...

busyboysmum Wed 12-Sep-12 08:56:23

Waves tiredly, ds3 is 9 months old and has been a terrible sleeper from day 1. My other 2 were fab sleepers and I thought just by following what I did with them all would be well (hollow laugh)

He has started waking now at 4am, last night I couldn't settle him till 5.30am then I dropped off at 6am, he woke at 6.08am! Am sooooooooooo tired, just wanted to check in really to see there are others in the same exhausted boat.

Indith Wed 12-Sep-12 09:22:07

Morning smile

Well ds2 managed a whole hour before the screaming started last night! A whole hour! Sadly the rest of the night did not go so well. His chatter is very cute and everythign but not so much in the wee small hours.

However this morning dd i at nursery, I've just got in from taking ds1 to school and so it is just me and ds2 until 1pm. This morning, should my baby by some miracle sleep I am going to nap along with him. Sod the shit tip house.

Does anyone else feel like the housework etc just gets on top of them and adds to the gneral shitness of it all? The more exhausted, the less well I function, the more all the jobs start creeping up on me as I lag behind and before I know it I am in a huge mess and it jsut really gets to me.

Seriouslysleepdeprived Wed 12-Sep-12 11:29:45

Yes the housework stresses me out too. Feel like the list of jobs just gets bigger & bigger. It's the never being able to finish a job that gets me. Everything is half done. Clothes are clean but not put away, room is semi tidy but needs a hoover etc. Drives me nuts.

As the nap situ is now so dire im spending so long trying to get him to nap I don't get anything done. Once he is asleep I'm then creeping round scared of waking him so don't get anything done. I need a daily cleaner/tidy person really grin

Suchanamateur Wed 12-Sep-12 12:13:54

Staff (cleaner, cook, perhaps full time patter and toddler toy tidy-upper (could be a job share)) would make life so much better. grin Off to buy a lottery ticket

VintageNancy Wed 12-Sep-12 13:24:06

Oh yes I need a cleaner too! We've had two 4 hour stretches tonight (now 5.20am). Feeding dd now & about to put her down. Fingers crossed for another couple of hours!

Indith Wed 12-Sep-12 13:34:27

Oh a cleaner would be amazing!

Vintage yay for sleep, hope you get a good sleep in now!

Ds2 only napped for about 5 mins this morning but has just snoozed picking dd up from nursery so that is probably it for me now until bedtime. I have so much to do because we just split our loft dumping ground bedroom into a bedroom for dd and an office so have all the contents of the loft down here needing sorting, packing into nice new storage boxes and putting back up neatly in the designated storage bit but ds is at that delightful roll around, try to crawl, get stuck, scream stage so needs lots of entertaining and I can't get anything done! Can't believe jsut a few weeks ago he would merrily sit on teh bouncy chair and watch me wash up and tidy <<sigh>>

PoppyAmex Wed 12-Sep-12 14:06:23

Yes, housework is a nightmare and along with the sleep deprivation it really contributes to my general feeling of quiet despair - nothing gets done "properly" and I really hate living like this, the only saving grace is that DD is so incredibly lovely grin

We had another night of hourly awakenings for no particular reason and so far the usual 45 minutes' naps (you could set your watch by them).

Also started BLW but very few exciting developments on that front as it's early days.

Does anyone know if this "phase" gets better after they hit the 6 months mark? [clutching at straws]

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