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do you know anyone who sends there 9 year old to bed at 7:00pm or earlyer and would you do the same?

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moxey Wed 17-Dec-03 17:38:37

do you know anyone who sends there 9 year old to bed at 7:00pm or earlyer and would you do the same?

Festivefly Wed 17-Dec-03 18:09:38

The only children i know of that age go to bed at 10, and i think thats too late, they're always tired. It depends on the child and how much sleep they need. My children 2 and 4 go to bed at 7 so perhaps it is a bit to early. It wouldn't be fair if they had a 9 year old brother who was going to bed at the same time!

SnowyZebra Wed 17-Dec-03 18:15:31

I know people who were raised that way, still going to bed at 7pm in their teens. But nobody doing it to their kids now (I think...!).

codswallop Wed 17-Dec-03 18:55:55

My sisters 8 year old is 8pm I think during term time but he reads in bed and fiddles around wiht Lego or what ever

Hulababy Wed 17-Dec-03 19:16:19

I can't even get my 20 month old DD to go to bed at that time!

codswallop Wed 17-Dec-03 19:16:55

she prob still sleeps tho at lunch time?

batey Wed 17-Dec-03 19:21:30

A friend of mine sends her 3 upstairs to their rooms at 7.30. They're 9,7 and 5. The older 2 go up and read/play in their rooms until 8.30/9 when it's light out. Unless they're at brownies/cubs etc.I have to say I think it's a good idea!

maryz Wed 17-Dec-03 19:49:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigermoth Wed 17-Dec-03 20:02:10

moxey, there's been a couple of other threads in the past asking a near identical question - not that you can't ask it again, of course

The person who started the thread was called 'soviet' I think, so if you want to, do a search for her name or look under the sleep topic - it might take a while, but if you're interested you should find some answers.

crystaltips Wed 17-Dec-03 20:05:19

My DS is 10 and he goes to bed at 8 ish.
BUT when he is tired he goes to bed sooner. Weekends he stays up till 9 - 10 !
So long as his school works does not suffer.
My view is - if he has to be woken in the morning - he has to go to bed earlier !

aloha Wed 17-Dec-03 20:29:19

Hmm.. is this for real? Moxey posted the exact same question in March - the only questions she ever asks or answers are about bedtimes for 9year olds and thongs - just like Soviet. Forgive me but I'm sceptical.

FairyLou Wed 17-Dec-03 20:31:58

I womdered wher I had heard the name before ALoha. How are you btw?

aloha Wed 17-Dec-03 20:35:27

Hi festive one! I'm fine. Just had a really lovely bath and bedtime with ds after his nursery Christmas party. Feel much more chilled now. I think the Ian Huntley thing really upset me more than I thought - such hideous things to think about. I shall go and watch some rubbish TV to remove all thought from my disturbed mind! Happy Christmas everyone!

alohappychristmas Wed 17-Dec-03 20:42:29

do you like my new name

codswallop Wed 17-Dec-03 20:46:29

god you are right - obsessed by bed times!

alohappychristmas Wed 17-Dec-03 20:48:35

If this is a bit 'funny' this is a really shocking day to choose for it.

popsicicle Wed 17-Dec-03 20:50:51

what do you mean aloha?

codswallop Wed 17-Dec-03 20:51:12


popsicicle Wed 17-Dec-03 20:51:40


codswallop Wed 17-Dec-03 20:51:44

Moxey...what is the obsession wiht bed times?

codswallop Wed 17-Dec-03 20:53:50

and has baaaaaaaad spelling

moxey Wed 17-Dec-03 21:18:30

i am just curious to find out a bout what goes on in the minds of parents now a days, i am a psychology student and there seems to be a different way of thought in modern life, as there are different taboos in modern life, i was forced as a child to have early bedtimes, i wondered if things had changed much, i ask the question whether these are the things that contrebuted to the collapse in modarn society, children roamoing the street at night in the urban settings, it disterbs me to think that these little things socially distort the way people live in this dangerous world, why do people do these kinds of things, can we go back to the things were before. it is tragic i am extreamly sorry i decieved you and i will leave as soon as possible. thankyou for your contrebution

moxey Wed 17-Dec-03 21:30:41

by the way no recordings were taken or names used by me in any the is confidential. it is just a matter of curiosity, my i again apologise for my deception i am guilty of what i've done now, it brings back memorys from child hood.

tigermoth Wed 17-Dec-03 21:45:04

moxey, do you have children of your own?

moxey Wed 17-Dec-03 21:53:53

i am a child, i'm a 17 year old psychology student.

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