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Gina Baby - decided she hates her cot - help!

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Gav Mon 08-Dec-03 18:08:39

Hi, first post - bear with me - not too hot on brevity.
We have 13m girl who has slept through the night 7 till 7 from 12wks - yes I know how lucky we are. Went away for the weekend with a travel cot and she went ballistic 2 nights of sleep hell! She has discovered she can sit up and stand in the travel cot and was sobbing beacuse of the new surroundings (or do we thought)
Thought it would be OK when we got back to her own cot - but no, she gets very distressed - not just attention crying. This is a bit of a shock to the system as we only managed to get her to sleep last night by cuddling her until she was in a deep sleep and placing her in the cot. This has happened 'overnight' and we have no real ideas what to do.
It seems she has been worried by the experience of the travel cot and has decided she doesn't want to be left alone.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

nikki19 Mon 08-Dec-03 18:49:39

our 2 year old dd has never sloept in a cot she has allways slept with us its our own fault for letting her in the first place try letting her play in there in the day time with some of her toys so shes not so scared of it.

Evita Mon 08-Dec-03 21:07:07

I don't know how helpful this is but whenever I go away with my daughter and she goes into a travel cot she makes a HUGE fuss either at bed time or the early hours of the morning. She's always been a good sleeper too. I don't think it's because she can stand up in the travel cot as they can do that in an ordinary cot too can't they? I think your daughter will settle down again as she's been such a good sleeper so far. It's been that way with my daughter who's the same age.

happy1 Mon 08-Dec-03 21:29:12

Hi we had exactly the same problem with ds, didn't know what to do as he too had slept through from six weeks, but having a dim light on did the trick, he has one of those plug in night lights now. If you don't use a light already it might be worth a try. Hope this helps.

lyndsey66 Mon 08-Dec-03 21:31:48

To Gav and gina
went through a similar problem. The only way that worked for us was to comfort our son when he cried and got distressed but put him back in his cot the minute he was soothed. GOt this from a book called 'the baby whisperer'. The first couple of nights was a painful experience and we literally were picking him up comfating him and then putting him down about 80 times a night. But gradually he wakes up less and now he is sleeping through the night again. The trick is to stick with it and when you get moments when you think 'this isnt working' - just stick with it. It really worked for me. It is all about comfating the child - but teaching them to become independent as well. If they start standing up in their cot and messing you about - just say in a calm voice - it is bed time' cuddle them and then lay them back down. Hope this helps.

Gav Sat 13-Dec-03 13:59:57

Thanks for all the input we are a 'work in progress'.

On a similar vein does anyone have any ideas as to how to teach your child to lay down as this seems to be half the problem. Once sitting up she doesn't know how to lay back down.

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