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18 MONTH OLD HAVING COLIC AT NIGHT... HELP! - sorry if I'm ranting

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MrsBigD Tue 21-Feb-06 09:41:14

also cross post in health

O.k. ds is a bad sleeper anyhow, but he just used to get up and wander round the flat. Not too bad, even though at the time I did post on here for advise.

Now about 2-3 weeks ago he had a bout of a stomach bug with waking up screaming at night. Took him to GP who 'prescribed' light food for a few days. Which we did. The only thing that improved were the contents of ds's nappies...

Took ds back to GP again yesterday and saw a different doc. She examined him thoroughly including his tummy, which made him giggle. So nothing really wrong with him.

Last night again however he was screaming his lungs out with that high pitch pain scream iykwim. And he was definitely windy with gurgly tummy and farting up a storm.

- I try winding him after every meal/drink as well as you can a mobile 18 month old
- He gets fennel & chamomille tea
- Tried calpol/nurefen/medised
- tried rubbing his tummy when he has a fit but he just lashes out, kicks and screams
- though during the afternoon/evening when he snuggles up on my lap he pulls my arms around him to hug his tummy (which is rather cute )
- a normal day has him on quite a varied diet of e.g. cheerios, fruit (bananas, grapes, apple), fishfingers (I know not exactly the healthy option), toast, joghurt etc.

So basically... any ideas would be greatly welcome on how we might tackle this... we need sleep! Oh and of course his screaming understandably disturbs and upsets is 4yo sister.


KVG Tue 21-Feb-06 14:30:46

Message withdrawn

7777777 Tue 21-Feb-06 14:51:44

hi mrs bigd, my ds 16months has suffered with wot i can only describe as terrible colic, gurgly belly, farting, squealing for hours on end. he saw a paed at 4months who said it was dairy intolerance and since then weve found tomatoes, apples, too much potatoe and many more things make his belly worse.

he lives on mash, ham, chicken, gluten free bread, peas and sweetcorn.

not nice for you, nice for me to know im not the only one who has a toddler suffering with colic.

7777777 Tue 21-Feb-06 14:53:04

is he moving around, ive found that since my ds is walking it is bringing the wind up and he doesnt have nightly bouts of stomach cramps

MrsBigD Tue 21-Feb-06 14:57:03

7777777 ds is defo moving about... he doesn't sit still! so during the day is more or less fine.

Hmmm where to start with cutting out certain foods though!? Back home I'd take him to a paed for intolerance testing, but here!? Only a matter of months to get an appointment if they do it!

7777777 Tue 21-Feb-06 15:12:24

where are you then?abroad?

MrsBigD Tue 21-Feb-06 15:24:23

I'm in London, have been for quite some time, just cant abide the health services here

7777777 Tue 21-Feb-06 15:29:24

hope you have a better night tonight, i would say that it might be just as well to cut some "WINDY" foods out. it might not work, my ds is def not as bad as he was, he would be miserable and crying all day as well.good luck

Sochen8388 Thu 01-Jun-17 21:32:40

My daughter of 19 months has never been a great sleeper!
She is still breastfeeding at night and can wake up 3 to 5 times a night for milk(bad habit and won't take a bottle or pacifier)
I weaned her onto water thoughout the night and she stretched longer but still wakes crying and arching her back every night with slight wind but nothing excessive !
Could this be colic ? Diet related?

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