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Rapid Return in an almost 2yo. How long did it take to work for you?

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FunbleBummy Wed 18-Apr-12 14:57:55

DD (23months) moved to a toddler bed 2 months ago, and all was well until 8 weeks ago. Since then she will just keep getting out of bed over and over for up to an hour every night. We have been doing RR to try and reduce this but so far not much of a result.

Then, if I'm really lucky hmm and she wakes up during the night, I get to repeat this all over again. Has been 4 times in one night at its worst for up to an hour each time.

She doesn't cry when I take her back, just hops back into bed, lies down and sucks her hand. I leave, and 2 minutes later up she gets.

Have even tried putting her in a gro-bag again - she has worked out how to walk in it! [vaguely impressed but also irritated]

So, reassure me - how long did it take you LO to respond to RR? Did it completely work? OR did it not work at all, and if so what did?

kayjayel Wed 18-Apr-12 16:14:57

Rapid return worked with my DS at 27 mths, took about 3 nights, he did cry but we always went to him after just 1 min of crying (timed it!). First night was about 90 mins on and off, second night 45 mins, third night 5-10 mins, after that just a few returns, sleeping great afterwards. We did it just for middle of night wakings, but it had the added bonus of him self-settling at bedtime too, prior to that we would be sitting in the room with a book for hours while he settled to sleep.

Good luck!

lazzaroo Thu 19-Apr-12 16:26:50

Stick with it. It only took us about 3 nights too. The first night was VERY frustrating as she found it hilarious!!! it took over an hour. But by the third night she only came out a couple of times. Some nights she stays in her bed and others we have to keep putting her back, but it rarely takes more than 20mins these days.

I have to admit though that we never bothered in the middle of the night. She sometimes comes into us but we just let her into our bed. My husband travels away a lot so often that's the less tiring option for us! she seems to suffer quite often with bad dreams and needs reassurance in the night. The good thing about her beingin a bed and not a cot is that my DH just swaps places with her!! (she moves around a ridiculous amount inthe night so that's the best solution!).

Stick with it!

FunbleBummy Thu 19-Apr-12 19:39:09

3 nights envy. 4 weeks so far!

will keep going...

BeenieBaby Sat 24-Aug-13 20:10:06

Resurrecting this zombie thread to hear others experiences! It's night 3 here and it's taken an hour or hysterical crying and screaming I don't want to go to sleep! How long did it take for it to work for you?

hghkjh Sat 24-Aug-13 20:15:42

I'm trying with dd but I'm going very slowly. Started off staying by bed until she slept, so a bit of gradual retreat moving to rapid return now she's not upset if I'm not immediately near but she's also getting out of bed. Currently by the door so she can just see me but putting her back into bed without a word if she gets out. It's very slow progress! Been here 45 mins so far but I think she's starting to fall asleep smile she's just turned 2 btw. and was cuddled to sleep until about 18 months

BeenieBaby Sat 24-Aug-13 20:34:03

hjhkjh DS was patted and sung to sleep till 3 nights ago as it 2.5! I've no doubt we're at te root of his terrible sleep. As he's so crap at self settling (because of us), he kept waking up at night and being unable to self settle. Since starting rapid return (I too stay by the bed as he keeps trying to get down constantly) he takes ages to fall asleep but sleeps very soundly once he is asleep. Previously he would be very restless and sleep walk/sleep talk several times a night. I'm hoping this hysterical phase doesn't last too long.....

TheSecondComing Sat 24-Aug-13 20:37:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeenieBaby Sat 24-Aug-13 20:41:49

Oh you give me hope second coming! It's heartbreaking when DS keeps asking me 'mummy do you want to lie down with me' because he's so used to having me next to him to fall asleep to! I feel so mean when I just ignore him. sad

TheSecondComing Sat 24-Aug-13 21:48:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hghkjh Sun 25-Aug-13 19:24:00

Can I ask you all exactly how you did rapid return?

I don't know whether to wait by the bed, halfway across the room or outside the door? Put her back into bed as soon as she gets out or only if she leaves her bedroom? Or shut the bedroom door, wait a minute then go back in if she's crying? I shut her door once she's asleep anyway so 3 week old ds doesn't wake her when he cries. I'm just so confused about how exactly to go about it. Being in the room and putting her back into bed seems to get her really excited and giggly. Am I going to have to do some kind of very minor, low level cc for this to ever work?

BeenieBaby Sun 25-Aug-13 19:24:53

36 minutes of messing around today vs the hour that we had yesterday. But he refused to sleep in his own bed. He fell right asleep once he got into our bed though... Maybe I'm rushing things by expecting him to fall asleep by himself (when he's not used to that) and sleep in his own bed (again not something he does often)... Any advice as to whether I should persevere with getting him into his own bed or just continue co-sleeping? The co sleeping bit doesn't really bother me, it was more that his sleep was awful and Ed wake up several times a night and was rubbish at self settling...

hghkjh Sun 25-Aug-13 19:28:25

X post beenie baby, looks like we're both wavering a bit and unsure what to do.

hghkjh Sun 25-Aug-13 19:33:40

I'm at the end of her bed so I can keep her in it, as getting in and out seems to be winding her up. Trying not to communicate with her at all though. Nothing seems to be working at the moment, it's so stressful. I wish she'd never climbed out of her cot, she was self settling fine then sad

BeenieBaby Sun 25-Aug-13 19:38:44

hghkjh I think I'm doing a mix of rapid return and gradual withdrawal. If I don't stay in the room, he gets out of bed the second I turn my back. But i do put him in bed and leave the room once we read our story, and he stays there for a good 5-10 minutes before getting out. Once he gets out though he wont stay in bed unless i physically stop him from getting down. So I end up staying there but sitting on the floor so he knows I'm in the room. It must be tough for you with a 3wo- my dd is 10m and she amazingly manages to sleep through his screams of 'I don't want to go to bed'!

BeenieBaby Tue 27-Aug-13 19:15:28

Yippee yippee whoop whoop hooray!!! Complete success at day 4 after 3 nights of horrendous hysterical crying! DS went to bed a treat, I sang him a song a left him talking to his 'puppy toy'. He never left the bed and within 5 minutes there was silence! I'm amazed! grin. Time for wine!

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