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11 month old won't self soothe

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jessi0343 Mon 16-Apr-12 06:58:03

I have an 11 month old DD who wakes every 2-3 hours in the night. I always try leaving her 5 minutes or so to see if she can "self-soothe" but that never works. Once waking, she immediately sits or stands herself up, then screams hysterically. I go in and try to lay her down and "shush" her but that also never works, so then I pick her up. I can then either feed her, which only takes 5 minutes and she's out like a light, or I can spend half an hour rocking her back to sleep.

Its exhausting, and I know she doesn't need the night feeds but its the easiest way to get everyone back to sleep. I'd try controlled crying except it won't work for us because of DD sitting and standing up immediately upon waking and I don't think she knows how to put herself down again.

Any advice would be appreciated! I've been trying a bit of "no cry sleep solution" by using the Pantley Pull-Off, but that hasn't had any results for helping her self-soothe or reduce wakings.
Would 11months be a good time to try Pu/Pd by the Baby Whisperer? Or any other suggestions?

SqueakdeSqueak Mon 16-Apr-12 07:05:04

Hi Jess,

Sorry I don't have any solutions for you but as I have an 8 month old that is exactly the same (except for the standing up, no stealth boasting here grin) I'm marking my place to see what others say, the only thing different is that we co-sleep so I don't actually have to get up which is a sanity saver!

Fevrier Mon 16-Apr-12 09:33:52

I think someone will say that sitting and standing doesn't matter for using cc. You just lie them down when you visit them.
I did do this at 18 months with my son after a regression when he wanted to fall asleep on my shoulder after being ill and when he woke in the morning he said "lie down"... Which made me feel awful as it was what I had said when doing the cc. It only took 20 minute though and it was over. But that was just reminding him of the routine not teaching it for the first time.

My dd is the same at 8 months, she sits up. It's v off-putting for leaving them but I did read in Penelope leach that it's the same baby who lay crying for you as sits and stands crying for you....

loveisagirlnameddaisy Mon 16-Apr-12 14:05:00

Def try pick up put down. Need to be totally consistent for all sleep including naps. Apparently it works best if partner does it as she'll really rebel against the fact you're in the room and not feeding to sleep as normal.

er1507 Mon 16-Apr-12 16:19:16

Have u looked at nectarinas thread "what worked for us" it uses the gradual withdrawal method.

fififrog Mon 16-Apr-12 20:23:16

I'd also recommend you look at Nectarina's thread. And I'd add leave for 10mins not 5... It feels like forever the first few times but quite often DD has shouted for exactly 10mins then gone silent!

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