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2 year old screaming in the night, advice please

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Teletubby Wed 26-Nov-03 13:31:05

This has been going on for a month now. When my dd2 finally goes to sleep she always wakes about 12:30am screaming until one of us goes in - if it is not me then she screams even louder! Once i get to her she refuses to settle screaming for either my bed or for me to get into hers. Initially this wasn't a problem because i didn't mind comforting her on the odd night but now it is every night. If i leave her she just screams more and more and wakes up dd2 who won't settle until i've fed her for 20 mins or so, so either way i'm exhausted through lack of sleep. Has anyone got any ideas of how to break this tiring habit.....i'm shattered from sleeping in a single bed with a grunting two year old! plus my husband doesn't sleep properly without me in the bed!

M2T Wed 26-Nov-03 13:34:08

Teletubby - This happens to my ds although not as much now. He went through a really bad phase though! It sounds like "Night Terrors". It is only a phase and is apparently quite common in 2-6 yr olds.
There was a thread a while ago on it. Do a search and see what it comes up with..... I don't know how to do links for threads I'm afraid. HTH.

FairyMum Wed 26-Nov-03 13:43:14

Could she be teething ? We had the same thing with Ds and it lasted for weeks. He was cutting teeth.....

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