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baby falling asleep on playmat!!!

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melli Tue 25-Nov-03 11:53:16

i am stunned. my ds just fell asleep while playing on his mat. hes 31/2 months. is this common. anyone else got any bizare sleep scenarios?

WSM Tue 25-Nov-03 11:55:46

My DD was forever falling asleep like this up until she was around 10-12 weeks old. None of my friends who had similar aged babies experienced it with theirs.

LIZS Tue 25-Nov-03 11:57:02

Both mine did this. dh was appalled when I just left ds there but not so when he let dd do it. In fact dd fell asleep on the floor earlier and she is 2!!

dsw Tue 25-Nov-03 11:58:00

My daughter used to do exactly the same thing - she would fall asleep on her play mat all the time. She is now 17 months and quite often will go to sleep behind the Setee - she knows she is tired and that is where she goes for a few Zzz's.

CnR Tue 25-Nov-03 12:01:37

Found 19 month old DD asleep in a bizarre position the other norning. She is now in a toddler bed. She had her top half on the bed as normal but ehr bottom was hanging off the edge, and she was knelt on the floor, twisted round at a funny angle. Her doly was still being tightly cuddled too.

I guess she must have waken in the night, thought about getting out of bed and fallen asleep before she had chance too. Bless

katierocket Tue 25-Nov-03 12:23:41

Lucky, Lucky you!

wish my ds would full asleep like that. only place he will sleep is in his own cot or in car/pram. no matter HOW tired he is he would never fall asleep (and never has done) on a playmat or sofa or whatever. I think it must make things easier if they do since they don't get overtired and *fight* sleep.

motherinferior Tue 25-Nov-03 14:05:41

Both mine have crashed happily under their baby gyms. In fact that's where their father puts them for a nap, honestly. I thought all babies did this - oh my god, am freak mother

EmmaTMG Tue 25-Nov-03 14:17:41

Ds1 did this too, infact I toom a photo of him when he first did it as he looked so cute. He'd actually rolled onto his side under it, like you do in bed. I just put a balnket over him and left him there.
DS3, who's 9 weeks old will sometimes fight against me if I'm holding him and if he's tired on several occassions I've put him on the cold chaging mat to change him and within about 30 seconds he's fast asleep. I can even continue to change his bum, wiping the cold wipes all over his bits and still doesn't wake up. Weird!

EmmaTMG Tue 25-Nov-03 14:18:20

TOOK a photo even

EmmaTMG Tue 25-Nov-03 14:19:51

Blimey........can I make any more typos in that post.
Typing super quick as DS3 will want grub soon.

Ailsa Tue 25-Nov-03 23:40:35

dd1 would only ever fall asleep on my lap and have to be put in her cot asleep. dd2 (now 12 wks) will fall asleep anywhere, on the floor, on the sofa, I have to tell dh to look before he sits down. ds will also fall asleep anywhere, about 6 months ago I found him asleep on the stairs, he's 6 Years old.

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