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low light night lights

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incywincyspideragain Mon 06-Feb-12 12:36:46

I'm looking for a product recommendation - ds3 (2yrs) has become a nightmare sleeper in last week, complaining 'too dark' at various (many!) times in the night.
The only plug socket in view of his bed is at the end of his bed so we'd like to get a very low light level night light (he also shares with his brother so don't want to disturb him as he is great at sleeping) - we have an ikea red light but bit bright when placed so close to his bed - the blue and green ones are too bright, need something reassuring but not enough light for him to get up and play!
He will go to sleep with glow in dark stars but obviously they fade during the night - anything similar for all night glowing?

ladybirdsinmyeyes Mon 06-Feb-12 13:22:18

After much research, I would say that the only thing on the market that plugs in (ie no constant recharging of batteries) and is totally variable in brightness (seems unique on this too) is the Babytec Autofade bedside lamp. I love it and wish I had found it for my first child. Amazon (have to wait for re-stocking by the looks of it) or Jojo Maman Bebe (a tiny bit more pricey). Totally recommend this!

undergroundernie Mon 06-Feb-12 13:25:40

Lakeland has a drink mat (plastic coaster) called 'glo mat' that glows all night. Ours are several years old so I'm not sure if they still do them. My oldest two used to have them in their cots and they still travel with us. They make it easy to find a drink but my two weren't convinced they worked as a nightlight and did get very addicted to the ikea green light. Very bright I agree. Dd 7 has now rejected the light and sleeps in the dark but ds 9 till insists on the green light.

ladybirdsinmyeyes Mon 06-Feb-12 13:25:58

It goes from as soft as a monitor light or little plug nightlight (ie the ones that are actually part of the plug) to being bright enough to read by, with everything in between, which is very useful when they want a touch more than that tiny glow.

incywincyspideragain Mon 06-Feb-12 21:59:39

Thanks for the recommendation - looks like I'll have to wait for it to be in stock, its not on the jojo web site at all

Ended up putting ds to bed using one of dh's torches that glows red too, will see if that helps in the short term, although could be costly on batteries.

underground I did buy my mum one of those glow in dark coasters a few years ago as a joke smile I will see if they still do them, we've made glow in dark fimo whales for him to have but I wish they would hold their 'charge' for longer, fed up of having to hold them under a light at 2am! found glow sticks for camping that last all night but that could get costly!

Catabelle Tue 07-Feb-12 06:07:07

We've got a set of nightlights called 'Candella' by OXO. They're brilliant! They are two little kind of bugs/aliens (a bit hard to describe!) and they sit on a base and charge. When you take them off the base they light up and glow. They can be carried around or just sit on the side. When off the base they last about 8 hours (we've found ours last longer though) but theres two so they'll last through the night. They come in two colour sets, orange and pink or green and blue.
We got ours from mamas and papas but you can get them elsewhere. Only thing is they're not cheap but we think they're definitely worth it smile

Seona1973 Tue 07-Feb-12 09:11:22

both mine have a Go Glow light

Seona1973 Tue 07-Feb-12 09:14:53

Amazon has them a bit cheaper too

daenerysstormborn Tue 07-Feb-12 09:17:21

we've got these from ikea

Seona1973 Tue 07-Feb-12 09:17:21

there is a whole range of night lights here

daenerysstormborn Tue 07-Feb-12 09:18:17

sorry, just re-read the op and seen you say you've already got some from ikea, most likely the same one i've just linked too!

incywincyspideragain Tue 07-Feb-12 21:11:54

daenery yes thats the ikea one we have, although I did put it on last night and it seemed to work ok, although I never count one night as ok so we'll see if tonight is ok but maybe I'll get away with it.

ds1 had a go glow night light, it broke but I was quite glad becuase if it was in reach he would use it as a torch and play/'read' I'm keen if they can get hold of it then it really emits the lowest light possible

seona great link but no idea what to go for although I liked the idea of a flickering LED candle! underground the link seona posted has the glow in dark coasters!

off to find out what a Candella is....

incywincyspideragain Tue 07-Feb-12 21:13:21

looks very similar to ikea one...

fififrog Tue 07-Feb-12 22:09:01

I bought a very simple one from John Lewis looks basically like a plug with a raised shooting star design on it. Orange light but really dim. Cost about £3 I think.

20secondstocomply Wed 08-Feb-12 23:43:40

We got this plug nightlight from B&Q which is very dim. I have the Ikea one and it is much less bright than that. I also have the grow egg thermometer which has a nightlight and is somewhere in between the B&Q and Ikea one. HTH.
We don't use all at once by the way!

madihakhan Wed 11-May-16 11:24:32

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