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When to get rid of bed guard

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Boot1 Tue 11-Nov-03 10:17:29

Whilst making my DD's bed this morning I was thinking about taking away her bed guard and it got me thinking when is the best time. She is over 3 1/2 and a very good sleeper. Do I just risk it and see what happens. I know she likes it but I don't want her to become too used to it. I don't suppose there is an age limit to this but wondered what Mumsnetters have done.

3GirlsMum Tue 11-Nov-03 10:34:06

Hi Boot

I would try taking it away and maybe put something on the floor so that if she does fall out she will have a soft landing. Also, maybe you could make sure she has a top sheet on and tuck her in with that.


T x

Boot1 Tue 11-Nov-03 13:42:39

3GM - that's a good idea, will try this evening I think.

evian Fri 14-Nov-03 16:42:49

don't tell her your taking away - just see if she notices - again makes sure there's pillows or something on the floor

rivig Fri 14-Nov-03 16:46:49

don't think I can ever get rid of ours and I would dearly love to but our dd practically sleeps hugging it.

IDismyname Fri 14-Nov-03 22:42:18

Try slipping a pillow or 2 under the mattress, so as to angle her slightly towards the wall- side of the bed, then she'll have to fall out uphill!

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