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Any way to encourage 5.5 month old DS to nap for longer?

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firstpregnancy Mon 24-Oct-11 08:41:30

Just what the title says really. DS has 4 naps a day (sometimes 5 on a tired day). I often get the impression that he hasn't really had enough sleep, as he seems tired again shortly after getting up. His naps last between 30-45 minutes. Should I just try leaving him when he wakes if I feel he needs more sleep? If so, how long would you leave him? Or should I just accept that this is the way he naps. I get the impression that many babies have settled into 2/3 longer daytime naps by now.

haloflo Mon 24-Oct-11 13:15:38

My DD is still hit and miss on longer naps at nearly 7mo but at 5.5 months was on exactly the same routine as your DS. One day she just slept longer- nothing I did. I can now sometimes extend her naps too which I never could before.

Things to try depend on how the naps happen? Rocked to sleep? Feed to sleep? Self settle? If you rock him, then try rocking him back to sleep. If self settle - i'd say try 5-10 minutes? I pop my DD's dummy back in and give her a while unless she wakes up really upset.

Does he sleep longer anywhere else? Sling/pram/car seat etc. If yes then try using one of those for the lunchtime nap to see if you can at least get one good nap in him.

Just thinking - 4/5 naps might be too many? Maybe he isn't tired enough to sleep for long. My DD was drifting towards napping at 9, 12 and 3 by 6 months old. Quite soon after she went to napping at 9 and 1. If the lunchtime nap is too short I squeeze another nap in at 4.

firstpregnancy Mon 24-Oct-11 14:31:22

He self-settles to sleep - usually between 5 - 20 minutes after he is put down. Perhaps I will try leaving him for longer. Thanks.

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