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7.5 month old won't sleep anymore

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sevenbubbles Sat 22-Oct-11 09:43:39

My ds who is ebf (and now on 3 meals a day) slept through from 8 weeks.

I think I waited a week or two too long to wean and just before 6 months he started waking once or twice a night to feed - but was easy to put back down once he had his milk - def waking from hunger.

About 2 weeks ago I left him for the weekend with mil. She gave him ebm by bottle. He had only had a couple of bottles before but got on fine.

We left on the Friday night after he had gone to bed. He slept through. Was apparently fine all day saturday and slept through on sat night. We were back Sunday by midday. He started crying when he saw me and was orherwise fine. I was v pleased to see him as boobs like leaking rocks!

He didn't sleep through that night and tbh his sleep has been awful since.

I really struggle to get him to nap in day. At night he goes down fine at 7 and sleeps till 11. After that of I can get him back in his cot he is calling for me every hour or so, or, more likely he is in bed using me as a dummy crying intermittently ALL NIGHT. When morning comes he is so excited chattering Etc.

I have a dd who is 3 who is also being woken by this palava . Please someone tell me this is a phase and my sleeping child is coming back. Thanks in advance.

JugsMcGee Sat 22-Oct-11 10:28:30

I posted about the same thing a few weeks ago! DS is 8mo now and naps are back to normal, but night sleep is still skewiff, but he's teething so I put it down to that.

sevenbubbles Sat 22-Oct-11 10:36:30

We are teething too - no sign of any teeth yet though. Am so knackered!!

Also he is almost crawling (backwards shuffle) so I wonder if it is a development thing. Have been feeling guilty since we went away that I have triggered some sort of sep anxiety.....

JugsMcGee Sat 22-Oct-11 12:08:12

I did too - funnily enough it coincided with us having left him with the in laws for the day.

He got 2 bottom teeth at 7 months and now has 3 top teeth all coming through together confused He woke hourly until midnight last night, poor thing was crying. He's also nearly crawling, he gets up on all fours rocking, which he likes to practice at 2am too! Arg. I'm dreading the 9 month growth spurt. Hopefully they'll be back to normal by the time they're 1!

sevenbubbles Sat 22-Oct-11 19:14:11

We seem to have dropped the 11 am feed and I wonder if I need to reinstate it? The thing is, he can't possibly need the amount of milk he is taking in the day - can he???!

It seems like he just wants to play though.... He was obviously exhausted today as he managed 2 hour naps. Hopefully that will help tonight - let you know in the morning! Good luck for tonight grin

sevenbubbles Sat 22-Oct-11 19:15:03

I mean amount of milk he is taking at night.

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