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NoTeaForMe Fri 21-Oct-11 02:23:09

Tell me I'm not the only person up with an awake baby right now!!


PotteringAlong Fri 21-Oct-11 03:12:47

My baby's not been born yet but am heavily pregnant and awake, does that count?!

How old's your baby? Been up for long?

ToffeePenny Fri 21-Oct-11 03:15:25

I've got a wriggly toddler who won't settle - does that count?

mollycuddles Fri 21-Oct-11 03:22:32

Since having a virus last week dd2 (16 months) has forgotten how to sleep. I have a cold too and am working in the morning.

QwertyQueen Fri 21-Oct-11 03:52:42

my baby has gone back to sleep but I can't sad
are you still awake?

SpannerPants Fri 21-Oct-11 05:32:31

I'm up for the 3rd time tonight with 14 week old DS - I'm so tired sad

Witchathulu Fri 21-Oct-11 05:33:48

Yes, it's bugger o'clock, I'm awake too - and the children are all bloody asleep. I HAVE NO REASON TO BE AWAKE - other than my own crap body clock. Grrrrrr! grin

NoTeaForMe Fri 21-Oct-11 11:30:12

Sorry to all of you but it's made me feel better this morning to hear I wasn't the only one awake!!

My baby is 1 and is teething...again !!! This is her twelfth tooth!!! Ridiculous! She woke up at about 11 and finally went to sleep at 4!!! She dozed in between but seemed to sense when we left the room and woke screaming and pulling at her mouth! Calpol and bonjela made no difference, stupid sodding molars!!!

Thanks for listening, all mircke cures welcome!

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